Creative Arts Emmys! – Part 8 (Governor’s Ball – Part 1 (Setting the Scene & The Food))

September 8, 2014

Aurora posing with an Emmy statue at the Creative Arts Emmys Governor's Ball 2014
play posing with an Emmy statue at the party

Picking up from last time

The Governor’s Ball was magical. To sort of set the scene for you, in the middle of the place was a stage for the band, which was surrounded by a dance floor.

Coming off of that were aisles that separated groups of tables. Along every wall (and even at some places in the middle of the room) there were open bars.

Behind the open bars along the walls were dancers in boxes just dancing all night, entertaining people from afar as people waited for their drink orders. In the back corners were charging stations. That’s right, charging stations!

If your phone was running low, you could go check it in there and someone would charge your phone. (They had every available type of phone charger there.) I thought that was such a genius idea!

Whoever planned this party is a fabulous party planner, and I almost, sort of would love to work for her.

people waiting to get into the Creative Arts Emmys Governor's Ball 2014
a bunch of dressy people on the street, which I found funny

In the front corners were free chocolate stations, and I’ll get to those in a bit.

Once you got to your seat, there were papers that listed where everyone attending was sitting. The Governor’s Ball made it as easy as possible to try to track down your favorite entertainment professional (which many people did).

We also had a little card that told us the various courses we’d be served.

first course salad at the Creative Arts Emmys Governor's Ball 2014
I practically never take photos of food – but I took photos of everything here… Fancy, grown-up party food, Holmes!

I’m on a vegetarian challenge, and saw that steak was going to be served as the main course. I thought since I hadn’t been on the challenge for all that super long that perhaps I’d just eat the steak and start over later.

I didn’t want to be too much of a pain since I’m not a real, official vegetarian or anything – it’s just something I’m trying out.

Thankfully, though, Eileen is a vegetarian and asked if she could have the vegetarian meal. It didn’t seem to be a problem or a hassle at all. So, I totally jumped on that bandwagon.

We got some fabulous pasta (which actually looked better than the steak, and my other friend who had the steak tried ours and echoed the thought that the pasta was better). Bam, a win for the vegetarian party.

vegetarian food at the Creative Arts Emmys Governor's Ball
You’re already looking at food, so why not see the vegetarian dish as well? (Well, the half-eaten dish since I had to eat some before I could even take a picture.) Yum!

I’ve actually been trying to eat pretty vegan-ish lately. But, I decided to let that go.

I ate the cheese on the salad, and I did try a few bites of our mashmallow-y dessert, because
a) who knew if they actually had any vegan options and b) I’m definitely not a vegan – totally just someone trying it out-ish, so no need to hassle anyone.

Also, need to miss out on what everyone else is trying.

(Though I usually haven’t felt like I’m “missing out” on anything when I eat more vegan, here at the Creative Arts Emmys, I just wanted to experience it all – even the marshmallow-y dessert (even if it was completely unnecessary since dessert is totally bad for you, and we had plenty of food without it… *lip trill* trail off as I’ve admitted to food weakness…)).

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (which I know you’re totally not), I didn’t eat a lot of the dessert as it was mainly chocolate, which is not something I love. But I still had a few bites… (And I was still grateful for it, even if I choose to try to be somewhat strong in the face of those empty calories… (especially since I still totally ate marshmallow sticks later at the chocolate station).)

And I’ll pick up with stuff more exciting than food next time.

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