(#34) Hollywood Arts Council’s Children’s Festival of the Arts (August 10, 2014)

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Aurora De Lucia smiling while pouring paint into cups at the Hollywood Arts Council Festival of the ArtsA pattern seems to be emerging that I keep picking events arts & crafts/creativity-centered events.

Creativity it life. Creativity is of utmost importance. So, I can’t fault myself for going back to that well somewhat often.

I was assigned to a booth that first had kids work on paintings. Halfway through it switched to a booth where kids made magic wands!

Neither set-up was particularly challenging (as a volunteer – I’m sure you can challenge yourself as a painter and wand-maker).

I liked both iterations of the booth, though I think my favorite one was the wand making – simple because there were no rules. With the painting, it was trying to encourage kids to paint an Australian animal. It’s cool to learn about animals, and sometimes constraints are good (as some argue that they actually make you more creative).

But I just loved spreading out tons of craft supplies on a table and telling the kids to go for it with the wand making. No rules. They could use everything at their disposal in any way their little hearts desired. So, it was fun to see people blossom. Many people had a tough time with no constraints at all (which is, I think, why it’s argued sometimes that that can better). However, once they got over the hurdle, the wands were creative and cool.

One thing I loved about the day was taking a moment to take it all in. I’ve felt a little extra attached to my iPhone lately. Of course I have a wonderful and loving relationship with my Apple products… but I still don’t have to have my face in them quite all day long.

So, it was nice to chill out on technology for a sec and just be present in the moment.

After the event, my friend Angela and I explored the area a bit and held our first 8 tracks at Amoeba Records.

Exploring, experiencing, being present, being creative – ’twas a lovely afternoon!

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