Daddy Came To Town!

October 9, 2014

Little collage of Daddy and Aurora at Color Me Mine
(little collage of us at Color Me Mine)

My dad came to town this week! (Yay!) It’s always so lovely when he’s able to swing out all the way to west coast.

First things first (and I will remind you), you might maybe wanna watch our Let’s Make a Deal episode (airing February 12, 2015), just if you feel like it.

I’ll talk in depth about our day and all that business after the episode airs.

Some other super cool fun Daddy/daughter stuff that we did while he was here –

We went to Color Me Mine! Neither of us had been there before and we loved it. How better to spend a day than to sit calmly and create while talking to the people you love?

My dad painted a little monkey (because my bathroom is monkey themed), so the little monkey sits happily in front of my picture of me and my dad that I keep on the counter.

Daddy and Aurora smiling outside of Native Foods Cafe
(I don’t know why I have so much food. I guess I just love Native Foods Cafe! 🙂 …(And when Daddy’s paying stock up a little, right? ;)))

I made a little box. I took longer than my dad because I insisted on using a million colors, and then I had to do the inside of the box too…

I could imagine practically literally the same scene happening with me as like an 8 year old of my poor dad having to sit there forever while Aurora needs to plan and mix colors. But, he was patient.

I took him to my favorite restaurant out here – Native Foods Cafe. He’s not super big into the whole vegan thing, but he went for me. And he didn’t hate it! So, I’ll call it a win.

We also drove around looking for his old favorite pizza place, but I talk about that in our future Let’s Make a Deal story.

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