That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 40 (You Know Who Else Should Be Livid?)

October 22, 2014

Picking up from last time –

Of course the people who should be the most angry are the ones personally and deeply affected. And I’m aware that money is in no way as important as human life. However, while we are talking about people who should be so mad…

You know who else should be angry? Whoever is paying for all these tests! They did thousands of dollars in tests in me. I had x-rays. I had a CT angio with contrast. I saw doctors. I had blood draws. Those things are not cheap.

When you’re trying to be a kidney donor, you don’t pay for anything. They didn’t even take my insurance card. It was all free to me. So who’s paying? Is the hospital? Are patients eating that cost? Are people eating that cost in insurance premiums? Is it tax payers?

My understanding is that if you’re getting tested for a specific person, the tests are covered through that person’s insurance. But when you give to a stranger, who’s paying, then? And why was that money wasted?

Why didn’t they think to perhaps do the easier (and I’d assume less expensive) things, such as the interview, first? How do they decide the order that makes sense to go in?

All I know is somewhere along the lines, someone, somewhere lost a lot money. And that’s another thing to get upset about.

And while we’re already on this roll of being upset, let’s talk a bit about the aftermath (or the aftermath thus far) next time.

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