(#37) Long Beach Marathon Expo Bib Pickup (October 10, 2014) – Part 2 (Bibs & A Moral Quandary – Part 1))

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Aurora laughing while putting safety pins togetherYesterday, I mentioned we didn’t really have to deal with any problems.

However, there was one woman who actually may or may not have gotten her problem solved at our bib pickup (instead of the solutions table). She was supposed to be picking up a bib for her husband, and didn’t have a signed waiver. The rule was we absolutely had to have a signed waiver to give out a bib. She said, “but he electronically signed one when he got his bib!”

She’s right about that part, you always do that for races. Yet again, I don’t truly understand all the waiver business.

Anyway, judging by how desperate she was, I’m thinking she would’ve forged it – if she could have. There weren’t any blank copies of waivers anywhere, and there wasn’t a printer available to people where she could’ve printed one.

Usually, there are blank copies of waivers and/or printers everywhere at these things. I think the reason there weren’t any at this expo was probably specifically to curb people forging signatures of other people, as race participants there to pick up their own bibs just had to sign the paper in front of us.

I didn’t realize how super serious this whole – no blank waivers anywhere – thing was so serious until someone from the solutions table walked down our row telling all of us that there were no blank waivers available anywhere in the expo, and if people didn’t have them, we had to send them out to get one – no other options.

And I held up a small stack of blank waivers, and said, “Oh, someone printed too many and left these with me. So, I have some.” She grabbed them out of my hand and said to tell no one they existed. Then she left with them. I imagined her shredding them with how serious she was making the whole waiver thing.

So, getting back to this woman who was absolutely desperate in trying to pick up her husband’s bib – when she first came to us, we dutifully sent her away, all, “So sorry. There’s just nothing we can do.”

I wish I’d had my waiver stack to give her one! Technically, all I need is a signed waiver. If she doesn’t sign it in front of me, who am I to say she didn’t meet her husband in the parking lot?

Sorry, is that too “by the book” logic-y? Even if I did have waivers to give, should I have refused if I was pretty sure she went out of my eyesight and signed? Not that it truly matters, since it’s a moot point, since I didn’t realize waivers were so very precious at this expo – until I’d already shown my precious loot! *dum dum duuuum* (scary chords)

Feel free to give me your thoughts so far, and I’ll finish this story in part 3.

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