(#38) Dining in the Dark (October 11, 2014) – Part 2 (End of the Night/Auctions)

November 20, 2014

Aurora De Lucia with other table hosts at The Joshua Project Foundation's Dining in the Dark event 2014
The table hosts!

Picking up from last time

At the end of the night, I also was to write the name of anyone at my table who won an auction item (along with the dollar amount of that item).

Then I even got to use one of those cool credit card swipe things that attaches to my phone to charge the person’s card.

Again, I only had 6 people. So, I got the money for donations, silent auctions, and live auction items done in a jiffy.

If I had to pick one thing that could’ve made this volunteer experience better, it would’ve just been knowing which copies of which receipts I need to give to which parties, ’cause there didn’t seem to be a definite answer on that. But, it all worked out (as far as I know, at least!).

Even though I did feel a little wonky about not knowing that I was totally doing the right thing with receipts (even though I did ask!), as I was leaving, I still somehow got the compliment I always love to get.

My volunteer coordinator said she thought I was fast and that I just “got it” (re: the whole night). So, yay for that. I still don’t know exactly what I do to earn that lovely yummy feel-goodness, but I’m gonna keep striving to hear that as much as I can at these various volunteer activities!

(Uh, #humlebrag much? I don’t know. Just let me have this y’all. I wanna be smart. So when I’m called out as such, I want to remember it! :-))

Aurora's back as she helps to seat people at Dining in the Dark 2014One thing I have learned about these events is that if you have a middle amount of disposable money (like enough to drop a grand without thinking about it, but not so much to go to really high-end silent auctions) then finding these smaller and newer charity events around town is a great way to get some incredible experiences at a big discount!

In the silent auctions I’ve worked this year, I’ve been amazed at how many had big trips (or even a backstage experience at Modern Family!) go for under retail value.

After I go on Wheel of Fortune and win $60,000 (this is just a dream at this point, as I am not in the contestant pool on Wheel – not yet anyway! ;)) – I’m totally gonna stop by a sweet silent auction, swoop in and grab something amazing, for a great deal, while doing good in the world. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Final thought about this event: after if was over, we got thank you cards with Starbucks gift cards inside that had Braille on them! How dope and thoughtful, right?

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