A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 2 (Costuming)

November 28, 2014

Aurora posing in front of the Let's Make a Deal greenscreen
one of those pre-show greenscreen photos they take
Picking up from last time

I had two costume ideas for myself. I figured I’d either go as a living kidney donor or as a runner who’d lost 60 pounds. I thought the kidney donor was the stronger choice. (That’s what I wore to the show you can watch on February 12th.)

I wanted to go with the least strong choice. Again, I was there as a support system this time. (How could I possibly compare to Jaime and B? …And I didn’t want to waste my best stuff for when it was my turn ;)). I didn’t even want to waste the runner costume, ’cause even though I thought it was the least strong choice – I thought that was a pretty strong costume (if I do say so myself).

However, when I asked Jaime and B what I could be to compliment them, they said just go as the runner and they’d go as their own things (since none of us really knew ’til the last minute what we’d pull together).

All righty then. I went as the runner. This is my first time at LMAD, so it doesn’t hurt to feel it all out with a semi-strong costume (or at least one I think is maybe semi-strong)…

I didn’t do it up great. My bib was just in black and white, and I threw on a random medal. (I wondered if I was even allowed to wear one of my old medals, with copyrights and such…)

Just because I didn’t go crazy with details didn’t mean I wasn’t into it. Of course I was into it. And I wanted to look fun and into it – but not so fun as to make it my very best shot at a “try to get onstage” type costume, if that makes sense…

(Of course, we all know I’d go on in a heartbeat if I were picked – no matter how much I adore the ladies I’m with. So, while it’s true I was going with the hope of one of them getting picked, I maybe don’t need to lay on the supporter role quite so thick. ;))

I did think that since I wasn’t married to my costume, I’d take a look at the rental costumes once I got there – since the email from the show said you could rent stuff there. (That’s part of the reason I didn’t get super detail oriented with my costume. “Eh, I’ll probably just change it to something fun and totally random while I’m there.”)

Little did I know, you don’t get to the costume rental area until after you interview!

I wondered what would be the point in getting a costume after your interview? And why would they put the interview before the costumes, if they want you to dress up and the email clearly states you can get a costume there? Don’t they want to see what you’re gonna wear on the show?

But now that I’ve been to the show a couple of times, I can tell you, I’ve now seen people who came in street clothes, rented costumes after their interview, and made it on to be a contestant.

So, it’s possible I’m over-thinking the importance of costumes. I obviously really don’t know how it all works back there, and I am definitely unsure how important your costume is.

I naively thought I knew what to expect from this day at Let’s Make a Deal (which we’re already seeing I definitely didn’t – and we’ve only just walked in!.

“Oh, I’ve totally been to The Price is Right. The shows are run by the same people. I’m sure it will be a similar experience,” I thought.

It is not!

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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