Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2014 (October 26, 2014) – Part 1 (As Whom Should I Dress?)

November 29, 2014

Aurora De Lucia giving face at the end of the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles half marathon 2014Last year, I started my new tradition of running as a different inspiring woman from the year every year.

I said that this year I’d be smarter and plan way sooner since my costume was sort of a mess last time. But alas, I did not plan any sooner. If it’s even possible, I think I actually planned later!

Last year, the choice to go as Wendy Davis seemed so natural. I’d watched the livestream of the Texas State Senate the night her filibuster happened, and I tweeted like there was no tomorrow. I was invested, inspired, and ready to lace on her pink Mizunos.

This year, as the half marathon got closer, I couldn’t easily think of any Wendy Davis-like moments that had grabbed me. I took my question to social media. A lovely blog reader, Sara, suggested Mo’ne Davis!

This was a brilliant idea, as Mo’ne Davis is very inspiring. She’s one of the few girls to play in the Little League World Series. And she’s the first one to pitch a shutout. (She was on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” as a cherry on top.) She’s seems really confident and cool.

There were a couple of other options mentioned (such as Malala Yousafzai – also not a bad choice).

Idina Menzel popped into my head, as a good option, as my Mo’ne Davis costume was being figured out (so I was a little late on that).

(Plus, one challenge with her was that while Idina had a wonderful and inspiring year, she didn’t have necessarily a defining look on which to base a costume (though there were things I could’ve chosen that would’ve made sense).)

But enough with the side notes, and back to the costume I wore.

Aurora smiling and running at Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 2014Can I admit I was slightly nervous about dressing up as Mo’ne Davis? I don’t know what everyone’s rules are when it comes to dressing up as someone of a different race.

My understanding was that as long as I didn’t do anything offensive (with any dark make-up, or things of that sort), that I could dress in her uniform. I mean, why not right?

I was still slightly nervous about it. I didn’t want to inadvertently start any twitter storms. Honestly, I’m nervous about even talking about being nervous about it. Eeesh.

I like to feel that I’m respectful toward people, and generally smart. I try to have an understanding of the world around me. So, part of me feels like, “Am I allowed to feel uncomfortable? Shouldn’t I already understand normal societal rules – if I am indeed a smart, perceptive, respectful member of society? Is it offensive that I’m even questioning what will be offensive or not?”

But, you know, some people have made missteps in the past. And I didn’t want to accidentally make one (especially not while trying to show that someone’s so awesome).

Anyway, I talked it over with some various friends. Everyone said as long as I didn’t try to alter my skin color in any way that my costume wouldn’t be offensive.

After all, if I’m trying to honor super cool women each year, I’m really limiting my choices (and what I’m choosing to put out in the world) if I only get to choose from a pool of white women…

Aaaaanyway, moving on, decision made. I’m Mo’ne Davis this year.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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