Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles 2014 (October 26, 2014) – Part 3 (The Race)

December 2, 2014

Aurora De Lucia in her Mo'ne Davis, alongside a picture of Mo'ne DavisPicking up from last time –

I’ve made a few bad decisions when it came to getting up for races before. So, you’d think I’d learn and never make mistakes like that again.

(One thing keeping this blog is teaching me is that sometimes I think I learn a lesson, or I think I change and then I realize… maybe I don’t…)

Anyway, I could’ve sworn the website said the race started at 7:30. I remember looking! I don’t know why I thought it started at 7:30, but I did. So, I set my alarm for just before 7. (The race is just downstairs. I didn’t need much time to throw on my costume and walk down.)

My alarm goes off, and I’m all, “Meh. I’ll just snooze. So tired.”

And then… I hear “3, 2, 1 [tons of start line cheering and music].” Uh, wait. What? The race is starting?!

Aurora posing with her medal at Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 2014I heard them starting corrals. I knew corrals would most likely be starting for at least 20 minutes.

Nonetheless, I leapt out of bed (as there’s a difference between having a soft half hour, knowing if you don’t make it right at 7:30, there will be plenty of corrals – and have a hard 20 minutes, where if you miss the last corral you’re in trouble!).

I still hadn’t even tried on my costume (as most of the pieces had something drying on them last night). So, thank goodness it all fit!

I threw on my costume, grabbed my bib and timing chip, and ran out the door. Then I ran back in the door when I realized I forgot to put on sunscreen and grab my sunglasses. And then I ran back out the door again.

Once I got down there, I was happy to see I still had plenty of time. I affixed my bib and timing chip, and even got to stretch a little. (Woot.) I had forgotten to grab a banana, but I was over it.

Within the first mile, some guy looked at me and said, “Are you Mo’ne Davis?” YES! Last year, no one knew who I was – even after I told people, they still didn’t know who Wendy Davis was!

Aurora De Lucia jumping across the finish line of Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 2014 (dressed as Mo'ne Davis)So, yay for being recognized – which happened at a few different points, if you can believe it!

In my rush to get ready in the morning, I didn’t bring my phone with me! I was too nervous (about the time) to run back up and get it.

In the middle of the race, I passed close enough to my place that I could’ve gone up and gotten it. I told myself “this is your one chance. If you want it, grab it now!” (I could’ve gotten a banana while I was at it.)

But I was doing fine, and I was actually kind of enjoying a phone-less race. It’s nice to try to just be present.

Once the race was over, I ran back to my apartment, grabbed my phone, got a few photos at the finish, and then it was off to work!

Good race. Good people. Good times. (And only 2 more years until I get to be Hillary Clinton! :-))

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