That Time I (Hopefully) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 53 (The Silver Lining)

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Picking up from Wednesday –

Before we move on to the next hospital, I do just want to say that as much as I’ve been angry and livid and crazy over my rejection from OSU Medical Center, I will say that I believe in the end, it actually did work out for the better.

I *don’t* agree with the reasoning of the transplant team members who rejected me. I *don’t* agree with the way they treated me – never giving me straight answers to questions, and getting frustrated at everything I said and did – even when what I said and did wasn’t outside the range of something normal to say/do/ask.

But, it was good that I had to lose that weight. Going to a state with lax laws regarding the weight I need to be was an easy way out. Even though I was still healthy when it came to my numbers (blood pressure, heart rate and all that), I think I’m probably a bit healthier now.

I think I’ll bounce back from surgery at least a little easier than I would have when I was heavier.

Weight wasn’t an issue at all in my rejection from OSU. Yet, I think that was really the biggest reason I should’ve waited. So, I guess I’m begrudgingly slightly happy that happened.

It’s almost not even worth mentioning any other reasons since that is far, far and away the biggest reason. However, I also will add that as much as I love so many people in Ohio, I’ve made it quite clear that I do better recovering from stuff in my own space. I don’t need people around me all the time.

While I think the people in Ohio would’ve been respectful – and, while, for all I know, it would’ve been loads of fun hanging out with them and playing Monopoly… (not to mention, while I so, so, so love to escape from L.A. whenever I have the chance) – I supposeĀ there is something to be said for recuperating in my own room, on my own soft cloud-like mattress, with my own TV full of DVRed Jeopardy! episodes.

I think it’s a bit hilarious that the psychologist’s whole thing was I needed more support, yet her denying me has helped in my goal to have fewer people around. So, yay for me. Ba-bam.

(I mean, I think I generally make friends everywhere I go (even L.A., sort of ;)). I know people out here. So, I shan’t be lonely. I’ll still have plenty of people around to play Monopoly or Scrabble…)

So, I don’t think the psychologist was right. I will never think she was right. However, I do think that her wrongness still happened to probably work in my favor.

Of course it’s easy to see the positive side now, ’cause once you can’t change the outcome of an event, you might as well look on the positive side – since what would be the point in looking elsewhere?

But still, I’m choosing to look there. And I look forward to moving forward at a different hospital.

Speaking of hospitals, up next we’ll deal with UCLA. Wednesday I’ll pick up with one final thought on what’s happened so far.

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