(#42) Ushering For “A or B” – A New Play! (October 17, 2014) – Part 1 (Meeting Ken Levine)

December 8, 2014

Ken Levine standing with Aurora at the Falcon Theatre at intermission during A or B
with Ken Levine – the playwright!

This one barely counts because I barely did anything, and I got to see a free show!

Nonetheless, since I was technically volunteering, I’m counting it!

I’m a pretty loyal reader of Ken Levine’s blog. When he announced a play of his would be premiering in Los Angeles, I had to see it!

I learned you can see the show (at the Falcon Theatre) for free if you usher for one of the performances!

Free theater? How am I not aware of this cool stuff after over 3 years of living in L.A.? And why have I seen such a tiny amount of theater since I’ve been here? (Preposterous.)

The play had an interesting concept, and some fun, laugh-out-loud moments.

In the play, we watch a story unfold in two timelines with a slightly different beginning. The show starts with a job interview and in one timeline the woman gets the job. In the other, she doesn’t (and starts dating the interviewer).

There are moments where possible romantic complications just might occur in the timeline where she gets the job – but you’ll have to see the play to know.

I kept my eyes peeled for Ken (the playwright). He’s posted pictures on his blog, so I had an idea of what he looked like. After reading his blog most days for years, I wanted to meet him!

It was lovely meeting him. I felt a bit like a creeper, ’cause I was all, “Oh this must be Annie” (his daughter, whom I’d seen on the blog).

You’d think I’d have tons to talk to him about. Surprisingly, I felt that having read oh so much of the blog made it hard for me to start a conversation with him.

I felt like I should have a million questions for someone who’s been in the biz so long, with so many wildly impressive credits. But I’ve read it all – how he find his writing partner, their first spec, their first jobs, their move from one show to another, creating a show, writing movies…

I’ve even read about his other jobs such as being a DJ and a baseball announcer. And I’ve read so much more – opinion posts, travelogues, and all that jazz. What do you say when you weirdly already know so much about a person’s life, and have already had so many questions answered.

I still asked a couple of things, and was able to carry on somewhat of a conversation. Then I felt kind of rambled after I mentioned I blogged as well, and he asked what I blogged about. But he was so gracious and kind, he didn’t make me feel as though I was rambling!

It was so nice to meet someone you kind of feel like you know (but you totally don’t) in person, and have him be even lovelier than you were expecting!

And I’ll get into the actual volunteer work of the night tomorrow.

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