(#42) Ushering For “A or B” – A New Play! (October 17, 2014) – Part 2 (The Volunteering)

December 9, 2014

A or B at Falcon Theater playbill cover
Photo credit: Falcon Theatre, AnythingLA.com

Picking up from last time –

Oh yeah, that whole volunteer part (which is what this thing is supposed to be about).

As an usher, I was to mark tickets, give programs, and count on a little counter how many people I had. (And I was supposed to point them in the direction they were going.)

I kept trying to do it in the same order every time. But it seemed like no matter what order I tried to do the marking, programs, and counting, it always got a little messed up.

If I counted first, I wasn’t fast enough with programs. If I tried to take tickets first, someone would hand me a handful of tickets and the rest of the party would start walking away from me… Wait! you need your programs! Though, many people had gotten programs in the lobby. So sometimes that step with me was skipped altogether.

It’s silly because it’s such an unbelievably easy job, yet I never thought I got rhythm quite correct of what I thought the best order of those simple steps were. However, ultimately, everyone got sat. Everyone got programs.I laughed and had a grand time with people as they came in. People seemed to have a grand ol’ time.

Also, the house manager (who was in charge of the ushers) was really kind. The Falcon Theatre was a cool place with a cool vibe, and I had a really lovely night!

Side note: I’m so glad I did, as I really needed it. Small spoiler alert for my ongoing kidney story. This was the day I found out I had a very unexpected obstacle get in the way of my hopes of donating a kidney at UCLA. Part of me wanted to just be home alone all night. But I’m glad I decided to venture out into the world of theater – which almost always makes anything better.

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