A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 4 (The Interviews – My Fateful, Fateful Interview)

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Picking up from last time –

Because I was a dope and wore my hat into the interview, we ended up talking about Michael Jackson. And Jacob was all, “wasn’t that so sad?”

All of a sudden we’re talking about death and sadness. This is Let’s Make a Deal! I have sooooo gotten off on the wrong foot here in this interview. Eeesh.

I’m trying to veer things back into positivity, but basically my interview was a total and complete mess. And it felt long. I figured long probably meant bad, as my Price is Right one was short.

And I assume most of the time they can probably tell within 10 seconds of meeting someone if they want that person on the show. So, mine dragged on for what felt like forever (which just made it all the more painful when I felt like I couldn’t turn it around from the awkward bad energy we were in talking about Michael Jackson’s death).

But thankfully, eventually, we moved on from me. B was up next in our group and thankfully (and not surprisingly) stole the show. She was left with a train wreck, but somehow reassembled the trains and got them back on track. I’d expect nothing less of her.

Jaime’s interview was just as great! So, my sincere hope was that Jacob would basically just forget I even existed, and let these ladies shine.

After you get in, you get your individual picture taken. Whoever is taking your picture is also entering in your information from the small card you filled out outside (Name, age, occupation, hometown, social media handles).

(I know they’re looking at those cards because they couldn’t read something one of us had put. So, when they asked for clarification, I figured these must be little files or something for when the producers decide on us. Who knows, really. But that was my best guess in the moment.)

After that, you curl around in a line toward the green screen photos. Only then do you stop by the costume area where you can rent costumes (which I still find jarring – that you pick a costume after you’re interviewed? I so don’t understand…).

As we’re going toward the greenscreen, I’m trying to do some analysis on how we think our interviews went. Jaime and B were a little more chill than I was, just there to have fun. But I have fun by being competitive, and doing things correctly (and winning – which in this case would mean one of us getting onstage).

More than anything, I didn’t want to be the reason they didn’t get up! And I was just dealing with my guilt of setting the tone of the interviews in a not good way at all.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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