Inaugural Disney’s Avenger’s Half Marathon (November 16, 2014) – Part 2 (Some Other Details)

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Aurora De Lucia running through Angel Stadium in Anaheim during Disney's Avenger's Inaugural Half Marathon 2014Picking up from last time –

I wanted to just throw in a few more details. For one thing, there were a number of great signs. Some of the signs were from the custodial team, and I thought it was pretty funny, because one said, “3rd shift custodial thanks you!”

I wondered, “What are you thanking me for? Is this a secret way to try to get me to be extra good about not leaving any trash on the ground?”

If that’s what the custodial team was after, with various encouraging signs throughout the course, well they succeeded. Having those reminders (couched in positive ways) really made me want to be extra aware of any mess I was leaving.

I mean, I still laughed how it might be a slightly passive aggressive tactic. I was aware I might be being slightly manipulated. But I also impressed. (It’s also possible that it was done purely out of sweetness, happiness, and magic in their hearts.) Either way, I give them props.

Aurora De Lucia holding up part of a broken mile marker at the Disney's Avenger's Half Marathon 2014One spectator sign I loved said “You look MARVELous.” How great is that, right? Another great one was “Humpty Dumpty had wall issues too”

The race was pretty windy. Many mile markers fell down. At mile 12, there was a worker standing there saying only a little over a mile to go. Someone asked where mile marker 12 was, and the worker exclaimed “I’m it!” – which I thought was funny.

A piece fell off one of the mile markers, so a bunch of us kept running over to the side to pose with it.

One last detail that stuck out to me was that as I was coming into the finish, Gangnam Style was playing over the speakers. And I laughed and laughed as I ran. That had seemed to be the song of the Goofy Challenge weekend in 2013.

Aurora De Lucia stretching in her corral before the inaugural Disney's Avenger's Half Marathon 2014

(stretching from the morning, in a Black Widow inspired stretch)

No matter where my dad and I went that weekend, it seemed to always be playing. So, when it played here, I could help imagine how much my dad would be cracking up if he were there and saw me running in to apparently the anthem of Disney racing.

After the race, as I looked through some instagram photos, I learned of two different people who were doing every single Disney race in a year!

As far as I can tell, unfortunately neither of them kept blogs. But you can see their instagrams at @ubermar and @gotfirth.

What an interesting yearly goal! I bet it was really fun…

But goodness, I bet it was expensive! Flying back and forth multiple times, staying close to Disney on fully booked weekends, and those entry fees!

Hats off to those people such a feat. (And if either of you read this, please keep a blog next time. I want to read about what an adventure that must have been!)

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