(#44) Flat Stanley – Part 1 (What We Did)

December 16, 2014

Flat Stanley standing by the Batmobile
Flat Stanley at the Batmobile

Someone from one of my 52 half marathons and I still keep up with each other. She’s a total sweetheart, and I’m always happy to hear from her!

She texted me one day, asking if I’d be willing to do this Flat Stanley thing for her class. Basically, the class has this little cardboard figure, Flat Stanley, and they send him all around to different places so he can have adventures!

I thought it sounded really fun. I was totally up for bringing him places.

I was a little nervous that the stuff I did wouldn’t quite be interesting enough, but I just had to hope for the best.

When I originally agreed to participate, I didn’t even think of it as counting as one of my volunteer activities. I wanted to do it just because. But later, I thought about the fact that it could probably suffice as one. So, boom! I’m counting it.

When Flat Stanley got here, I was going to strike with IATSE Local 700 to try to unionize Shahs of Sunset. I took him with me! I told the teacher when she gets the letter that if striking is too much of a political issue, or hard of a concept for elementary schoolers that of course she’s welcome to just cut that part out of the letter (and throw out that photo).

Aurora De Lucia sitting in the Batmobile, talking on the Bat Phone
…and here I am at the Batmobile

But I included it because I don’t want to underestimate the elementary schoolers. I’m sure they’re very smart! Who knows what they’re capable of understanding.

I also took Flat Stanley to meet the Jacksons (since I was working on Living with the Jacksons at the time).

Flat Stanley and I also took a trip to the Batmobile! (I mean, when you’re in California, why not do cool stuff?)

Flat Stanley flew to Ohio with me for my first ultramarathon.

I felt a little weird about taking him to Ohio, since he was supposed to be exploring California. However, I hoped that maybe that would just mean he got a bonus place out of it, since he was trying to do so much traveling.

We got pedicures (for our tired feet from all our striking and running). We gave blood. And we went to play practice when I started my new job.

And this is where we’ll pick up tomorrow.

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