(#44) Flat Stanley – Part 2 (Some Good and Bad)

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
Flat Stanley wearing some race medals

Flat Stanley after the Spartan Trifecta in a day

Picking up from last time –

I didn’t have super specific goals with what I’d take Flat Stanley to do – as he mainly just came along on my life.

However, in the end, it seemed as though he got to experience a wide variety of things, which I thought was pretty awesome.

One thing I liked, that I didn’t even do on purpose, was that hopefully I introduced the kids in the class to things they may not have known about, or thought about, before.

Even if we taking striking out of it (since I honestly don’t know whether that’s appropriate for an elementary school audience), there was a rehearsal of a show – where we talked about what happened backstage, since so many different people go into making show happen. (I thought that speaks to teamwork, and how helping with things can be valuable – even when you’re not seen helping.)

We also gave blood. I know they’re too young to do it, but it might be nice to learn about it. Maybe they’ll remember and do it when they’re older!

We also did an obstacle course ultramarathon, which is nice and healthy. So, that felt great.

And we did a couple of extra silly things, so it’s not all stuff that can be used to possible teach some kind of lesson.

Aurora posing with her medals from the Spartan trifecta-in-a-day

…and here I am with the medals

So, I was pretty happy with how it worked out!

The only thing I wasn’t very happy about was that I sent back Flat Stanley later than I wanted.

The letter gave me a date, and asked me to try to send him back by then… And I didn’t send him back by then.

I thought there was a photo printing place by my apartment, and when I went looking for it, it turned out it had closed. There wasn’t one I could find anywhere close to me. So, it seemed easier to order them online. Fair enough, that shouldn’t take that long, right?

Then, by the time I got the photos, I was kind of distracted with the play I was working on amping up. Even still, even during tech week, I was working far (far!) fewer hours than I do in television. I should’ve had the time to write a simple letter and put it in the mail…

I feel like I’ve kind of been noticing… while keeping this blog (which I think helps to give me some sort of reflection on who I am/who I’m becoming, as it helps me to see things over time – being that it’s all written down)… that in some ways, I think I might be becoming a bit more of a procrastinator… And I’m unsure why.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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