(#44) Flat Stanley – Part 4 (Writing and Mailing the Letter)

December 21, 2014

Flat Stanley and the Jacksons - Randy Jr., Donte, Jaafar, and Jermajesty
Flat Stanley chillin’ out with Michael Jackson’s nephews

Picking up from last time –

I got a text from the teacher of the class just asking me how I was doing, and if I’d be sending Flat Stanley back soon. I profusely apologized and said yes, I’d do it that night.

It was kind of funny because I profusely apologized. Then she was so patient, saying, “No need to apologize! You’re doing the favor for me. I really appreciate it.”

To which I said, “No, no, no. I’m honored to be asked. And I should’ve been able to follow the instructions – including the due date.”

And it was all this back and forth of basically, “You’re awesome.” “No you are.”

That night, I wrote out my letter, and put it in the mail (along with Flat Stanley, of course).

And I took a picture of me putting the envelope in the mail, and texted it to the teacher. (Not like she doubted me, but still. She could be sure it went out!)

I loved writing the letter! (You think I would’ve done it sooner, since I enjoyed it. Eesh.)

In general, I love writing letters. I love the feeling of doing some handwritten things. I like cute stationery and cute stamps. I love getting and receiving physical mail. Letters are awesome. So, I loved this part.

It was sort of funny to me how often I stopped and started, trying to phrase things differently. I wrote the letter as flat Stanley. But how does he talk? I’m sure many people have written in his voice. I wonder if we somehow, together, make a coherent boy.

I realized I knew nothing about Flat Stanley’s travel history. I’d start to say, “I’ve never done this” before (maybe because for instance, I – Aurora – had never been striking). But maybe Flat Stanley had!

So, I had to just say things were great, and skip saying if anything was new. I’d say things like, “I don’t often think about how many people it takes to put on a show,” instead of, “I’ve never thought about that before.”

I hoped they liked me letter… And later, I got to find out!

I got a very sweet envelope in the mail full of thank you cards and photos. The kids called me “Ms. Aurora.” I always think that whole proper-sounding title before a first name that kids do is so adorable.

I asked the teacher if it was okay that I talked about Flat Stanley going on strike. She said it was great and gave them an opportunity to talk about what a strike is. (I knew I should never underestimate children! So, I felt great in my decision to include that after all.)

The funniest part to me was that a bunch of the thank you cards mentioned Flat Stanley getting a pedicure!

I was so nervous about impressing the kids. I tried to take Flat Stanley to a bunch of cool events. And in the end, they were excited that he got a pedicure. I almost didn’t even throw that in, thinking they’d think it was boring!

I guess you never know what people will like – and I think I especially don’t know what’s gonna impress a kid.

Anyway, yay Flat Stanley! It was a really neat experience to get that thank you card packet. In the photos, I could see the wonder in the kids’ faces, and I’d really felt like I’d contributed something. High five!

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