Going to Lock & Key For a Friend’s Birthday!

December 24, 2014

Aurora posing with her veggie ramen burger at Lock and Key
mmm delicious veggie ramen burger.

Recently, I was up for a job in New York. I did not get it.

But during that weekend filled with incredible joy and hope and wonder, I reflected on the 3 1/2 years I’d spent in Los Angeles thus far – what I’d done, what I hadn’t done.

What I’d accomplished wasn’t too shabby. I did some okay career stuff, and some of the things you dream of doing when going to LA (such as getting on The Price is Right). And I surprised myself with the amount of touristy things I’d done. I’ve been to the Getty, Griffith Park, Disney Concert Hall, Disneyland, and so much more.

Yet, there is still so much I haven’t done. And being a heartbeat away from leaving made me think about all that stuff. It re-energized me to try to be a tourist more often whenever I can. When a New York job does come up that I get, I want to be able to leave in the blink of an eye knowing I squeezed all there was to squeeze out of this place while I was here.

Aurora giving an excited face in front of the doorknobs at Lock and Key in Los Angeles
I tried to get a quick picture in front of the doorknobs. As you can tell, it didn’t turn out super well with the lighting at quickness of trying to stay out of the way. 😛 But here’s what I got!

One of the coolest people I know in all of LA (an incredibly lovely friend of mine) was having a birthday party last night! As I’ve talked about before on the blog, it is all too easy to stay home when you live in LA. (I don’t think I’ll ever pinpoint the exact reason we all get so lazy out here.) But Cozi has always been an exceptional friend to me. So you better bet I was going to go out to his birthday party.

I didn’t think anything of it when he told me where to go. But once I got there, I realized it was one of those cool LA places everyone always says to visit! All right! Celebrating my friend’s birthday, and marking off another LA tourist spot? What a win!

This is the place where you walk in and there are doorknobs everywhere. Then you have to figure out which one leads to the actual door to get into the bar/restaurant.

Unfortunately, right as I was going in, someone was coming out. So, I didn’t get to play the little confusing game. Wah wah.

some of the doorknobs from when you enter Lock and Key
a small portion of the doorknobs… (Sorry it’s dark…)

Also, no one had told me they have all this cool, unique food there. I ate a veggie burger with ramen noodle patties. How random right? (I don’t think you’re actually supposed to eat it burger style because grease or something gets aaaaaaaaaaall over your hands. I ate it that way anyway. ‘Twas more fun than a fork and knife.)

I even had a piece of the deep friend peanut butter and jelly. I am sure it is wildly unhealthy for you. I tried a little bit anyway. It was pretty delicious.

I loved meeting all of Cozi’s friends. We had a wonderful time talking the night away. It shouldn’t surprise me that one of the coolest people I know in LA knows a secret group of amazingly cool people in LA.

Great food, great people, great atmosphere with cool secret doors? What a fabulous night! And another LA place checked off the list. Sweet business.

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