A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 6 (More Differences Between Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right)

December 26, 2014

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for another post on this story! Picking up from last time –

So, we take a couple of fun pictures in front of the green screen. And then we’re practically done!

The only thing we have left to do is, at some point, turn in our phones. We’ve now gone through the entire pre-show process in a fraction of the time it took at Price.

Now, in some ways, this is cool, I guess. I do remember people at Price thinking the day could’ve gone faster. (And Deal is proof that it can.) Instead of having everyone do every piece together (e.g. not moving on from name tags until every audience member has one), you just have people constantly cycling through the steps.

So, I guess it’s good that our time is respected. However, there was something fun to be said for Price, with everyone being in the same boat together, and everyone being without their phones…. I just felt a big sense of camaraderie (and an easier time getting to know more strangers, since you’re with the same people all day) at Price.

Of course, at Price I won a car, so of course every single thing about that day is going to seem magical to me in hindsight. I could absolutely see how people would like Deal’s pre-show stuff better, since you practically just blink your eyes and your done (well, or at least in comparison to Price).

Also, The Price is Right does not allow any picture taking on the CBS lot. If they catch you sneaking a picture, they ask you to put your phone away.

At Let’s Make a Deal, they have signs up asking you to take pictures. Those signs even have the hashtags they want you to use, along with accounts they want you to tag.

Let’s Make a Deal goes as far as to have a monitor at the top of the waiting room where their twitter feed is updated. They retweet people who talk about being there. So, people really get into the social media aspect of it all.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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