Maybe Being Vegan Is Sort of Possible!

December 29, 2014

We’ve had some darker posts lately. So, I want to pick things up for a couple of days!

I have been on a vegetarian leaning vegan challenge for the past few months. (And I have a number of posts all about the ups and downs that I’ll be sharing.)

I’m having a bit of a hard time transitioning to the vegan part. I am so afraid to be high maintenance. (I don’t know why I’m so afraid considering I’m already sort of high maintenance.) But I feel weird when I ask to have things without butter and such.

However, I’m really making a big effort to go more and more vegan all the time. I recently took a trip with my dad to Denver, Colorado (which we’ll talk about tomorrow). And while we were there, I did my best to be a good little vegan. And I have to say, it was easier than I expected.

We went to Elway’s and had a phenomenal waiter. First, there was a limited menu because we were in between lunch and dinner. But my dad asked if we could have a huge plate of vegetables, and Josh was all over it. When I asked if it was possible they not be cooked in butter, he had no qualms. He said absolutely, and very nicely asked if olive oil was okay.

Later, when we talked about getting some hot sauce to dip the vegetables in, I asked about possibly getting buffalo sauce (because I love buffalo sauce). Josh told me the buffalo sauce did indeed have butter in it. I thought it might. But sensing my inner struggle of not wanting butter, but really wanting buffalo sauce, he brought out Frank’s Red Hot, telling me that buffalo sauce was just Frank’s mixed with butter.


The hot sauce was so delicious (butter-less). And Josh was so helpful! It was grand.

Later that night, at the hotel bar, my dad and I were looking at the menu. Thank goodness he was there, ready and willing to ask vegan questions, ’cause I still felt kinda weird and embarrassed about it.

Yet again, the waiter there was unbelievably helpful saying the vegetarian patty wasn’t vegan because it had egg in it, but she proceeded to give me all sorts of options as to what I could eat off their menu!

I’ve been reading a lot more vegan/vegetarian forums than I ever have lately. And it seems like people get so annoyed with vegans asking questions in restaurants. People have said it annoys their friends and discourages others from becoming vegan. However, my small experience has been lovely. The waiters have been incredibly helpful. My dad was into helping (and not being annoyed).

I’m sure it depends on where you go and who you’re with, but I’m finding being vegan at restaurants not quite as scary as some message boards have made it out to me. *dances*

I'd love to hear from you! So whaddya say?