A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 7 (Social Media)

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Picking up from last time –

Speaking of social media, at Let’s Make a Deal, you’re asked for your twitter and instagram handles on this little card you fill out. I know we’ve already established that I perhaps over-think basically every step of this process (if that’s possible ;)).

Really, how can you not? It’s a game show, and part of the game is getting onstage. So, you know, you wanna figure out every available variable and the best ways to tackle them.

Anyway, when we we’re asked for our social media handles, I wonder why. Is it because they want to see if we’re popular? After all, if we’re really popular, we might be able to get some eyes on the show that might not be there otherwise. Maybe if you’re too popular, they wouldn’t like that, though – as if perhaps you’re too much of a celebrity? Maybe? (Though I bet they’d let those Vine-famous people on. Don’t you think?…)

Of course, with something like 450 instagram followers, and about 350 followers on twitter, being too popular is certainly not gonna be my problem – though I certainly might not be popular enough!

Then again, if you don’t list any handles, do they assume you’re not on instagram and twitter? Does that count against you? Is it worse to not have whatever kind of profile they’re looking for, or to not list a profile at all.

Agh! These mind game, right?

But that’s only the beginning of the mind-game-ness/analyzing of it all.

What if it’s not about followers? What if it’s about the kind of pictures you post? Are they going to see mine and say, “Ah, she’s got her Price stuff up. We shouldn’t put her on Deal. Spread the wealth.”

Granted, they don’t need instagram to tell them I’ve been on Price is Right. It’s one of the things I had to disclose in my paperwork. Also, that could possibly work for you, right? Maybe if they see you’ve been a contestant on another game show, that immediately makes them think of you as possible game show material? (See how hard this whole over-analyzing thing is!)

I also have a bunch of pictures from the Emmys on my instagram. I thought that might seem “too-LA.” So, ultimately, I just didn’t put anything. They have google (and search functions within each app). If it’s that important to look it up, they easily can.

I have no idea if the right idea is to share your handles or not, and what the handles are used for. I’ve obviously gotten a little lost in my own thoughts.

And we’ll pick up here next time.

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