I’m Vining!

January 5, 2015

I mentioned around this time last year that I hadn’t found my Vine voice.

I still don’t necessarily think I’ve for sure found it. But I’m experimenting, because why not?

This is my first sort of “real” vine where I kind of make a joke. And people seem to like it! Obviously the joke was planned… But I actually did walk into the sun sooner than I thought. So that “gah!” was real. I tried doing a second take where I liked the key better in which I sang the song, but the joke part was worse, and the joke is the most important part on Vine… So, alas, I had to go with the first one.

And then, when I was stressing about studying for my final exam, I did the logical thing, and put off studying in favor of making a video!

Once I got a simple head cold, I went for a video about how ridiculous I am when it comes to being barely sick. (I’m totally the biggest baby ever about it.) And here’s that Vine.

I actually had a slightly simpler vine up before I posted that one. I’m leaving it right here so you can see the difference if you want.

The idea is the same in both of them. But in the one I trashed, there is no real ending. Unfortunately, I put it on Vine before I realized that. But I noticed once it started looping, even though there is a funny idea in there, it’s not presented in the funniest way. (Also, it bugged me that one section’s lower 3rd started with a capital letter and one did not. But I was willing to let that go, since I think Vine is sort of supposed to feel quick and imperfect.)

I quickly took it down (before it had reached 100 loops). However, when I originally put it up, it got 3 likes immediately. As of the time I’m writing this, the new fixed version only has 2!

I don’t know if that’s because people already saw it and got mad I reposted it, or what. Because, I’m pretty sure the second version (the one that’s currently on Vine) is far superior. It gets a sneeze and a head dropping down. That’s the button to end this little thing (in my opinion).

However, I do realize that the one I went with seems a little rushed in order to get that sneeze and head down into the 6 seconds… So, maybe that’s what people don’t like…

So, there you have it. Some of my recent vines. I’m not sure that I’ll keep vining, but I really enjoy it. So, I hope I do. (And it can’t get much simpler than 6 second videos.)

And I’ll talk a little more about Vine not too long from now.

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