A Few More Thoughts On Vine… – Part 1 (My Messy Original Vine)

January 6, 2015

I’d thought that when I first wrote about finding my Vine voice that I’d talked about my original two videos. But going back and reading, I can’t find those thoughts mentioned anywhere in any post. So, I’m gonna talk about that now.

I’ve deleted my first Vine. (Conceivably, it should be here in this post for you, but if it never made it in, please let me know!)

Back in the olden days (of 2013), you couldn’t upload edited vines. You had to tape them right into Vine. In some ways, I think that’s kind of cool. I know everyone (including me) was clamoring for an update to upload edited Vines… But still, I recognize the value in seeing what people could come up with shooting only in the app (even though somehow people kept doing edited stuff, and I still have no idea how they managed that).

My very first Vine was about Obamacare. It was very simple. But I took it down because it looked a little too messy – even for Vine.

I had words in the beginning. And I taped a computer screen (which looks messy in itself) when I should’ve been taping a piece of paper. Also, I had the blinking cursor in the shot! What was I thinking with that? That doesn’t look good.

And there’s no music.

I know we couldn’t officially do any editing, but after I had the 6-second loop, I probably could’ve taped it in my drafts folder from another device while I played music in the background. (See the problem solving you had to do in the old days of Vine. It keeps your brain working!)

So, while I can see the value in watching someone grow as a Viner, I deleted that video, ’cause it’s just too messy for me, even for Vine.

However, I am making an effort not to delete new vines. (I won’t say I never will. But I’m going to try to make it an extremely rare occurrence. It’s so easy to be so judgmental about what you could do better with your videos. But it’s a silly six-second medium.

I know it can be very serious for the professional Viners, and you should always but the best quality you can out in the world. Basically, I think all I’m saying is nothing will ever be 100% perfect. I’m trying to use Vine to help me cope with that – to be okay with a video that gets across whatever my little idea is, as best I can, in that moment (even if we could sit around and find fault in it).

And I’ll finish up (for now) with some Vine thoughts tomorrow.

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