I’ve Been a Vegetarian for Over 5 Months?! – Part 2 (So, How Do You Eat With Other People?)

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

It’s Saturday! Time for another veggie/vegan/food post.

Picking up from last time –

One thing I worried about slightly while becoming a vegetarian was how to eat with other people. This actually was barely an issue at all. Almost every place you go has some sort of vegetarian meal (even if it’s just salad and vegetables – which are delicious, and a wonderful mean anyway).

Even at big events with a dinner course already laid out, vegetarian options are usually available. I had no problems eating as a vegetarian at the after party at the Emmys. I also volunteered at a nice dinner where they had vegetarian options. I think being vegetarian is a common enough lifestyle that it’s planned for at most places.

Even when my dad and I went to a small chili restaurant when he visited, they had vegan options. We also went to a burger joint while he was out here (and I had a huge, amazing salad). It’s been really important to me to make it so that no one has to change anything about their own habits just because of me.

So, when we walked around looking for a place to go, and he wanted to go to that burger place, it was important for me to show that he didn’t have to go to some vegetarian place for me. I could continue to live in his world, but just eat more vegetables.

Even when it came to a steakhouse, I was able to go without issue! There was a vegetarian option on the menu where you could pick three sides as your entrée… I was a little surprised that that was the extent of the vegetarian menu. I kind of assumed they might get creative with a mushroom-based entrée (since mushrooms and beans seem to be used a fair amount as meat substitutes).  However, I was fine with my spinach, carrots, and asparagus. In fact, I was happier to eat all vegetables than any kind of meat substitute. So, thumbs up.

Of course, we did end up making jokes about me being a vegetarian. I had to laugh at myself, as my dad made light of the situation of having a vegetarian daughter (which was definitely odd at a steakhouse in the middle of Ohio)… So, I feel like you have to be willing to always break any tension with jokes. Some people who are passionate about their choice (and not embarrassed at all, as I am) may not enjoy that part of being a vegetarian. And maybe not everyone experiences it… But I do. 😛

Once, I ended up at a cheap deli (as that was where the crew wanted to eat). I’m not even sure if salads were on the menu. It was a little hole in the wall place all about bacon cheeseburgers. But, I got some hash browns and called it a day.

So, I guess there are circumstances where being a vegetarian won’t always leave you with great options, but overall, I find it surprisingly very doable.

Being vegan is a whole different beast. And we’ll get to that next Saturday

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