I Got An A In My Class At Harvard Extension School!

January 13, 2015

I mentioned on the blog before that I stupidly withdrew from the classes for which I first signed up (in the fall of 2013) because things got out of hand with work and I didn’t prioritize as well as I should have. Wah wah.

Right after I signed up this class, I got an incredibly time-consuming job as the only segment producer (the only producer period, other than the EP). I thought about dropping the class. I think I was in the time period when I could get most (or all) of the money back.

I didn’t want to withdraw mid-semester again. (You only get so many of those.) And I didn’t want to do poorly. But I stood up tall and told myself I absolutely had to do it.

There have been too many times in the past few years when I say I’m going to take a class, or even go so far as to sign up for one, just to later withdraw. I could not do that again. Nothing in my life changes unless I take the sometimes uncomfortable steps of actually changing it!

So, I promised myself through hell or high water, no matter what happened with my job(s), I’d do the class to the best of my ability. If I could get an A, I could prove to myself that it is possible, even if I feel busy. If I couldn’t, maybe it was time to stop daydreaming about college altogether.

The class I choose was Saving Schools. I retained the lessons I’d learned from my previous Harvard Extension experience, and took my own advice. I took a class that video and discussion board based – no live lectures. (Thank goodness, as my schedule seriously changed wildly daily.)

I also took a class having to do with politics/government – so, one of my passions. It was great!

I just somehow made the time. It seems insane that I was able to make the time, looking back on it. I cannot overstate how hard I worked on Living with the Jacksons – how often I was on the phone trying to book people or places. I barely had time to eat, let alone take a class. So, I’m not sure logistically how I did it. But I decided I would do it, and I did.

We’ll talk more details soon!

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