NBC4i Columbus – Story On 52 Half Marathons

January 26, 2015

Oh goodness. I have been meaning to wrap up the 52 half marathons stuff all nice and neat in a bow basically forever now. These have been sitting in my drafts for oh so long. Then I started thinking, “maybe I wait for an anniversary of the last race or something.” But no, I say we just take a week or so, dedicate it to these, and get these puppies going. Am I right?

First off, let’s talk about the last news story that was done about my quilt. If the video’s not embedded, then I’m still(!) having problems with the site. (Sorry.) But here’s a link.

(And if you missed the entries about taping the story, you can start them here.)

First off, I wore way too much make-up as I’m sure you can tell. I had someone do my make-up that morning (since I don’t know anything about that, barely ever wearing make-up and all). I told her that my face does not hold a lot of make-up very well.

And even though I work in television, I somehow allowed her to convince me that I needed extra for the camera or that it’d look better. I know you need more under stage lights, but the camera just brought out the fact that I had way too much make-up on. Amateur move, Aurora.

Also, just to clear up a few of the minor inaccuracies:

– I went to high school in Worthington, not Gahanna.
– My last name is spelled De Lucia.
– The story makes it sound as though my first half of the 52 in 52 project was my first half ever, but I’d run one before I found out I had a congenital heart defect (in 2009). I was trying to come back to running, since I knew I loved it – not start it in the first place.

Also, how not genuine does my voice sound during the reveal? That truly was the first time I’d seen it. And I was relieved that I really did think it was beautiful, so no acting was involved.Yet, it sounds as though I was doing some really bad acting.I suppose what I’m saying is, I sort of made the story a bit of a mess, didn’t I? Aye, aye, aye. *Shakes head at self*

Also, at first I kind of got on myself about basically saying the lesson was “attitude is everything.” There are better lessons. My dad even pointed that out, saying I maybe should’ve said basically what I said at The Price is Right wheel, which is “you are what you decide to be.”

However, in the time that’s passed, I must say I have thought about how attitude plays such a humongous part in life. So, maybe it wasn’t the worst answer after all. Ah, who knows. Now that it’s been so long, there’s no need to retread it too much. I know I gotta learn how to give better answers and not get flustered coming up with the “right ones”… but I also gotta always “keep moving forward” (the Walt Disney quote I use all the time).

Anyway, it was very nice of NBC to do the story. And Keepsake Quilts is a rockingly awesome company. While I may have looked amateur in the story, if you thought the quilt looked professional and sweet, you can get your own.

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