A Let’s Make a Deal Observer – Part 11 (The Taping)

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

Anyway, I thought it was funny that right before the game starts, we get a speech that puts fear in us of, “Don’t you even dare say the wrong thing. And you better give us the right reactions! …Now dance your heart out nd have the best time of your life.” Guh. (*wide, terrified eyes* “Uh, okay. I’m – I’m rrrr- ready to ppp-lay Let’s Make A Deal.”)

Even B mentioned she was a bit overwhelmed by so much instruction on what to do any what not to do – and she’s the best actress I know! She can handle a million notes and be anything you want her to be. Yet even our group was slightly frazzled by so much information (with some pieces seemed to conflict with other ones).

Nonetheless, we had a pretty grand time. Even thought I remember feeling slightly taken aback, and a little overwhelmed, at the time… you can’t tell in the video! Since we were in the center, we’re visible multiple times in the background. Sometimes we’re even more prevalent in crowd shots. And we look to be having the time of our lives.

And it was fun. I love playing along with game shows. (Again, as you can see on the tape we’re often quite engaged, yelling out what we think people should do.)

As you already know, Jaime and B never got picked. I was bummed about that. (They are perfect LMAD material!) Granted, who am I to assume my friends are more special than every single other person’s friends in there? (Of course, they are two of the most amazing women in the universe. So… there’s that. ;))

I’m well aware that the world doesn’t revolved around me, and why would I think I mattered when it came to their interviews, but I still partially blame myself for accidentally setting a bad tone. (Though, come on, no way Jason held any lameness from me against my friends, right?…. Right?)

While we’re talking about Let’s Make a Deal, I know some people are interested in how Wayne knows what to ask or how much money to offer… Does he come up with it all off the top of his head, or do they talk about it ahead of time, or what?

Well, there are people with dry erase boards who stand to the side of the camera – constantly updating everything. If it’s a game with two or more people and lots of steps, they’re updating who has what. The people on the boards update money vs prizes and that sort of things. If ever you’re lost in a game, you look at the board. And if Wayne needs to know what offer is next – it’s right on the board.

He has cue cards too for the things that aren’t continually changing. And I’m sure he has some leeway with the money, as he’ll give out $100 here or there to people because of a birthday or any other random reason. Whether he has any limit to that… I have no idea how that works. All I know is what I saw (the all-knowing-magic boards), while I was there.

I think that covers basically everything from my observer’s point of view. There will be plenty more Let’s Make a Deal talk when we get to my episode (airing February 12). But since all the pre-show stuff is so different from Price, and since I learned that before my taping, I just wanted to get all this pre-story knowledge out of the way. Thanks for reading!

More on LMAD on February 12!

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