A Letter From David Hyde Pierce

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

I can’t believe I neglected to talk about this when it happened (or in all my bajillions of posts at the beginning of the year working on wrapping up the 52 half marathons).

So, I’ll write it in here now!

Hold onto the arms of your chairs, ’cause here comes that “blah blah blah I worked with a celebrity, aren’t I soooo cool blather.” But for real, I worked with a celebrity, and I’m so cool, right? 😉

Anyway, when I lived in New York, I worked on this awesome charity event called Broadway Bares. My job one year ended up just being taking care of David Hyde Pierce.

I cannot say enough nice things about this man. Whenever I’d heard any stories of working with him, I’d always heard he was the kindest, most wonderful person. Apparently he charted buses for the entire cast and crew of Curtains and took them all up to The Hamptons for some amazing party/weekend trip thing he threw.

I have never heard anyone say anything bad about him. There was a tiny part of me that thought, “aw, come on. How can one human being be that awesome? Is he truly that great? I want to see it for myself!”

And in 2011, I got the chance. I was to take care of him during the show and make sure he was always in the wings in time for his entrances.

I was with him a lot, and he was so precious and kind. He treated every single person – no matter what her or his role – with an extremely high level of respect. He happily posed for pictures with every person who wanted one. He supported his fellow performers, watching their dance numbers whenever he was allowed. He was a total team player and a complete sweetheart working to learn everyone’s names and encourage everyone.

He’s at least as wonderful as everyone says he is (maybe even more wonderful if that’s possible!).

And in true David Hyde Pierce fashion, he wrote me this lovely postcard after my 52 half marathons were over.

“Dear Aurora,
Congratulations on the surgery, and all your 1/2 marathons* – amazing.

All the best,

*p.s. you probably ran that far backstage at Bares…”

Isn’t that sweet and awesome and caring and wonderful?

And I just thought since I was trying to totally finish out any last posts I could think of to go along with the 52 half marathons, that I had to mention his awesomeness.

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