That Time I (Maybe?) Gave Away A Kidney – Part 11 (Finishing Up The Social Worker Interview (Which Wasn’t Bad At All!))

Sunday, February 8th, 2015
Aurora in high school, performing in a children's show

I mention singing in a song from Rent. Since I don’t have any pictures of that, enjoy me in a photo from a children’s show!

Time for another installment of this Wednesday/Sunday night series!

Picking up from last time

After all that, I think she ended up thinking I was gay. (It really doesn’t make a difference to me what she thinks my sexual orientation is.)

But right as we were leaving the subject, and she was saying something about long-term boyfriends she kind of blurted out, “or girlfriend!”

I didn’t respond because it wasn’t a question. It was just an exclamation. And she moved on quickly after that.

Later, she started asking me about religion, saying many people who do charity work do it through a church. So, she wanted to know if I ever did anything through a church. I said I prefer not to, as I found many churches far too judgmental of people when the whole idea is supposed to be to not judge…

So, between her blurted out girlfriend comment, and my comment about judgmental religions, I think it’s possible she might think I’m gay.

As long as she thinks I’m competent enough to give a kidney, she can think I’m Maureen in Rent for all I care. (“Boys, girls, I can’t help it, baby!”) (Side note: I played Maureen in that song for one of my friend’s senior recitals, for anyone at home who wants a little piece o’ trivia.)

Aurora De Lucia singing into a microphone

Another singing photo, ’cause you know, I only have so many kidney photos! 😛

Thankfully, somehow I made it to the end of the interview without being goaded (and hopefully without goading).

The social worker was so kind. She gave me her card and said to call anytime about anything.

She even walked me out of the building, since I had to go to a different one for my next interview (and she was leaving too).

[Oh my goodness, Aurora. You’re basically done. You’re only in the small talk phase with her. Be cool! You can small talk with someone down the stairwell.]

And I did it successfully! We talked a little about her daughter, and soon enough we were out the door.

She told me the psychiatry consult should be way easier than my time with her. I looked at her like, “Uh, it can get easier?”

Aurora De Lucia with her face in some flowers after a performance in high school

and I thought this picture was fitting since we’re apparently doing performance pictures, but also it’s accepting a bouquet for a job well done – just like I did with this interview. Ba-bam!

I mean, I know I had some worried posts and all when it came to the kids and family questions. But overall, this thing was a breeze. She was kind and polite, and a fabulous non-judgmental listener. We laughed and had a grand ol’ time together.

In a one hour interview, maybe 3 minutes of it were scary – and really only because I was doing it to myself.

So, to imagine the psychiatry interview was going to be any easier (especially when you’d assume the psychiatrist would be my arch-nemesis), sounded exceptional (and not probable, but I guess we’ll see!).

Let’s find out how it went – next time.

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