My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 6 (I Won A Hat!)

February 20, 2015

Aurora De Lucia wears her Let's Make a Deal hat and holds up her check from her zonk
Spoiler alert: I’m holding the check I got in the mail (and wearing my cool hat!)

(Missed any part? Here’s the whole series.)

Picking up from last time

Even if I was slightly jealous – or not even jealous, so much as just judging myself, wondering what I’m doing wrong if all these other people in my life are getting on the show – I was still having a great time.

During one of the commercial breaks, Jonathan Mangum brings out this Let’s Make a Deal hat, saying “Who wants a hat?” And he tapped it on Wayne Brady’s head as he was saying, ” – touched by Wayne Brady! It goes to the first person who can tell me 5 shows he’s been on.”

I lean over to my dad. “We know 5 shows Wayne Brady’s been on, right?” My dad seems a little unsure. I think I know 5, but I’m not incredibly confident. As we mull over whether to volunteer, Jonathan Mangum drops it to 4 shows. I leap out of my chair, and raise my hand.

Let’s Make a Deal, How I Met Your Mother, Who’s Line it is Anyway? and The Drew Carey Show.” Bam. That hat is mine!

The 5th one I was thinking of was The Wayne Brady Show, but I didn’t totally remember if that was a real show, or something I made up in my head. (It is real, if you’re wondering.)

At the end of the commercial break, Wayne walked out looking at his phone, as though he was reading off it, listing his credits. He said something like, “Over 100 credits on IMDb, and y’all can’t list 5?” Funny.

I figured winning the hat could only help my chances. I don’t know if the games during the commercial breaks have anything to do with anything. I just know that a girl who talked to Drew Carey during a commercial at my Price is Right taping got called up to be a contestant.

Aurora De Lucia looking down a little while laughing
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

And a girl who participated in a mini dance competition during the commercial break the last time I was at Deal, also got to be a contestant. So, I thought it was good to get the hat.

Before the show, the people who give the various Let’s Make a Deal talks say that they’re watching you. They say they’ll look at you before they’re about to call you – and if you’ve lost energy, they won’t call you after all.

They really try to scare the energy into you (and they do a great job, as the audience is consistently going nuts).

Since we’re over to the side, we can easily tell when cameras are on us – and when they’re not. I thought either the LMAD producers don’t actually watch you, or they have no interest – at all – in me and my dad.

We were so not being watched. During commercial breaks, you can see the camera operators move and point the camera at various areas, but never ours.

And then, we got to the final commercial break – which is where I’ll pick up next time.

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