My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 8 (The Goal To Stay ‘Til The End Of The Deal)

Monday, February 23rd, 2015
Aurora De Lucia giving a little laugh on Let's Make a Deal

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(Missed any part? Here’s the whole series.)

Picking up from last time

Once I got down there and I was with another person, I tried to figure out what game this was.

I thought it might be the one where one of us is in charge. Then the other person is. And then you get to make your own deals at the end. But it wasn’t that game.

From the beginning, Wayne said we could make our own deals, and we could each make the same decision if we wanted. Even as someone who watches the show a lot, I don’t know what game set-up this is. I don’t really understand how having two people affects this game in any way… But I’ll go along with it (of course I will, as it’s their house; I’m just playing in it).

Wayne also said, “Once you pick something, you’re done. You take whatever it is, and you sit down.”

It was because of that, that I chose to stick with the mini-curtain.

I figured most deals end with the best prize or the zonk. (That’s not always how it is, of course. But often, for good TV, the deals have at least one dramatic possibility at the end.)

Aurora on Let's Make a Deal

How quickly laughter turns a little serious! (Photo credit: CBS/Freemantle)

As far as I can tell, deals don’t often end on the middling prize. (Though I guess sometimes they do after you dodge a zonk, as could’ve happened in my case.) Anyway, moving on…

I wanted to stick it out to the end of the deal, and get something great or get zonked.

When Wayne asks if I want the small box, there’s a tiny piece of me who thinks I should take it. A little earlier, my dad had mentioned the small box had been seen two times before with decent prizes in it.

My dad’s (and my) favorite number is 3. Since this was the 3rd time the box showed up, I thought about taking it.

But I never play that way when I play along at home. I always look at each individual deal within itself – not what was in this or that box earlier. (And I think that is indeed the correct way to play.)

Aurora De Lucia giving a little claw hand as she talks out box vs mini-curtain on Let's Make a Deal

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So, if I’d changed my strategy purely because my dad was there, and then lost on something, I wouldn’t have been happy.

I had to use the best strategy possible with such little information available to me. And the best strategy I knew was to stick around ’til the end of the deal.

My hope was that the box would be a zonk, and then whatever the 3rd option was would be a great prize.

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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