My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 11 (The Banter)

Friday, February 27th, 2015
Aurora De Lucia smiling and looking a little confused on Let's Make a Deal

(Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

(Missed any part? Here’s the whole series.)

Picking up from last time

Before we reveal what’s in the envelope (which we already know anyway), let’s talk about the little banter Jonathan and Wayne do with Cat, trying to get him to say “goooold rush” again.

[Note: I drafted this before the episode aired. That whole bit got cut. But basically, Jonathan & Wayne were playing around with the little pieces of themselves at the curtain, trying to get Cat to say “gold rush” again.]

Part of me thought about jumping in and saying “gooooold rush” in the sing-song-y way Jonathan does. Or about maybe just jumping in with Wayne and Jonathan, goading Cat a bit.

But I didn’t, because I didn’t really feel that was my place as a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal.

On The Price is Right, Drew Carey is right there with you, riffing with you. He is so present – with you – in the moment. And it’s perfect and wonderful. And you’re in the moment too, because you’ve been told to be yourself and have a great time.

On Let’s Make a Deal (as I’ve covered), a lot of time is spent telling you how to react, and what to say or not to say. So, you’re already thinking of all sorts of various things while you’re up there – so, you’re maybe not as much in the moment (or at least I wasn’t).

Aurora De Lucia with her hands on her hips looking at Wayne Brady & Jonathan Mangum during Let's Make a Deal

(Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

Also, the dynamic is different on LMAD. On Price, George is around, but he doesn’t figure into the game play quite as much as Jonathan does (or, I mean, he is involved in the games… but maybe it’s that there’s not as much banter between him and Drew). So, it was a different feeling being on Price vs Deal.

It’s like on Price, Drew makes you his co-star. Whereas on Deal, Wayne already has one. So you’re more of a… I don’t want to say guest star, ’cause that ranks above co-star in television. You’re not an extra, ’cause you speak and everything…

Oh my gosh, am I over-explaining or what? I think you get the gist. Basically, they did a bit that went on for a while (which was cut anyway), and I felt awkward standing up there on stage with Wayne’s back to me as they did their bit with each other during my game.

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m saying anything mean about people on LMAD, ’cause that’s not what I’m trying to do. They all seemed plenty nice and they are funny. They have their own dynamic which I need to respect, and it’s a good show that has its own rhythm and everything.

Aurora De Lucia gritting teeth thinking about whether to take the envelope on Let's Make a Deal

(Credit: CBS/Freemantle)

This is just to say, I didn’t necessarily feel welcomed into playing around with them in the bits. And maybe I wasn’t supposed to!

After all, I’m not as funny as two professional comedians… Or maybe a truly fun person (whether she was professionally funny or not) would’ve jumped in and made herself part of the party… So, maybe it’s all my fault. I dunno.

At the time, I just didn’t want to seem like someone trying too hard, or sticking her head into a bit for no reason if she’s not upping the caliber of the show… (But I also didn’t want to just stand there, ’cause that felt weird too…)

Whatever. (Again, it’s a moot point as it got cut.)

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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