My Day As A “Let’s Make a Deal” Contestant – Part 17 (What Do You Get When You’re Zonked?)

Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Aurora De Lucia looking with nervous big eyes as her prize is about to be revealed on Let's Make a Deal

Credit: CBS/Freemantle

(Missed any part? Here’s the whole series.)

Picking up from last time

People are getting called up to one of two desks to turn in paperwork. As I mentioned, all the zonked people get called first.

Did you know that when you get zonked, you get $100?

When I was up there with the guy processing me, I asked (somewhat jokingly), “Has anyone asked for her actual zonk?” Then I learned that’s the reason we get $100!

Apparently, a long time ago, a man asked for his zonk. I guess it was some kind of junky car or something. He made a case that it had technically been presented as though he’d won it. And he could sell the scrap metal and make money off it. So, because of that, they now have to give a suggested retail value of $100 to any zonk. You can take your $100 or nothing. (But you can’t get the actual zonk that was presented.)

After we’re processed, we wait just a bit longer. Since they take us out in groups on this show, we need to wait until enough people have been processed that it makes sense to take the first group down together.

Aurora looking up and smiling on Let's Make a Deal

Credit: CBS/Freemantle

Cell phones were brought up for the contestants, since we didn’t go out past the cell phone check-in area when everyone else did. I should’ve assumed that of course LMAD would take care of us, but I gave my cell phone claim ticket to my dad so he could get it.

The only part that was a slight bummer about this, was had they brought my phone up to me, I think I technically could’ve taken pictures of this little room so you could have a better visual idea of what I was talking about!

Oh well. When one of you goes in there, I’d love if you send me a picture!

As our little group gets led out along the backlot, the guy from the costume rental place is waiting there to collect costumes! That’s right. Two people who’d been contestants had rented their costumes after their interview (which made me totally question how important costumes are to the process).

After that, I met back up with my dad. And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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