Oh, One Last Small Thought From My Let’s Make A Deal/Price Is Right Experiences (Hard Games vs Easy Ones)

March 16, 2015

Aurora excited about the upcoming prize in contestants' row
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

When I watch The Price is Right, sometimes some games definitely seem harder than others.

Word on the street is that when a ton of people have been winning, and the budget is getting a bit tighter, the show will make some games tougher.

Reversely, when people haven’t been winning much, games will become a little easier (so hopefully someone will win).

I’m not implying any games are ever fixed. That’s not what I mean by this at all. There’s just a toughness factor…

For instance, the first time someone won on “Pay the Rent,” the game was set up so that even if you didn’t use the best strategy (and you put the least expensive item in the mailbox (which you should never do!)), you could still win.

(Does what I’m saying make sense? I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time explaining it!)

Anyway, one thing I thought was funny is that from the a game show watcher’s eye, it sort of looked like during my day on Price that neither me, nor the other car winner, were “supposed” to win our car games.

I know that even when games are set up as tougher than normal, there’s obviously still a chance you’ll win (as we both proved on The Price is Right that day).

But, the other car game that was played (One Away) had 4 blue numbers in a row! I don’t think most people would’ve thought to go that route. People generally think they need to mix up the colors. (And from what I can tell, they usually do.)

Aurora smiling and scratching the side of her face
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

Also, I’ve heard that in The Money Game, when the halves are not next to each other, and when there’s not an El Cheapo piece to help you out, the game is being set up so that the show is kinda hoping you don’t win.

(Technically, from every interview I’ve heard with the Exec Producer Mike Richards, it sounds like he always wants everyone to win. So, maybe “hoping you don’t win” is the wrong wording… But you know, they’re making it an extra challenge for you.)

I have no idea, by the way, if that’s true about The Money Game. That’s just sort of Price is Right lore I’ve heard around the game show community.

So, from what I could tell, we were in a tougher games day on Price is Right – yet obviously, I won!

Whereas, on Let’s Make a Deal, much about that day seemed to scream incredible prizes they generally wanted us to win (judging by the games people played)… yet, I lost.

Aurora getting handed her license plate after winning a car on The Price is Right
Credit: CBS/Freemantle

Maybe I’m reading into things, and being a little crazy. And I still cannot argue with the strategy I used that day (the best I had in a game like that)… But I just thought it was funny.

You never know what life is gonna give you! Even when things seem stacked against you, you may persevere. And when things seem to be in your favor, you still may screw it all up!

Ah, life!

(To read more about my Let’s Make a Deal experience, go here. If you want to read on Price is Right, that’s here. Thanks!)

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