Should I Go To The Morning Or Afternoon Taping?

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
Aurora holding her head in her hands on The Price is Right

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Since I love talking game show minutiae, I thought I’d bring up this question I’ve been asked before – both when it comes to The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal.

The short answer is that I have no idea if there are any real differences between the morning and afternoon tapings of those shows. Here is the only information I can give you. On Price, I got picked in the morning show; on LMAD, the afternoon’s.

I hear that for Let’s Make a Deal, the morning shows usually air earlier in the season than the afternoon shows. So, if you want less wait time between your tape and air date, I guess go in the morning. Also, if you go to either show in the morning and don’t get picked, there’s a chance they’ll have empty seats in the afternoon and you’ll get a second shot.

In that way, you’d technically have a better shot going to the morning show, since you’d have more opportunities to potentially be chosen. Some people are skeptical if people from the first show ever really get chosen, if they stay for the second. However, in my episode of Let’s Make a Deal, the girl who played alongside me for a trip to Mexico had gone to the morning taping. So, it can happen!

Aurora and her maybe face on Let's Make a Deal

Credit: CBS/Freemantle

If anything, I’d say maybe think bigger than just, “Should I go to the morning or afternoon taping?” If you live here, and can go anytime, maybe think about going to the first show of the season (as the shows tend to start the season off with a bang).

Maybe consider going to a show that might air during sweeps – as you might get lucky and get on Big Money Week. (You can kind of keep an eye on where they are with air dates, by checking the contestant photos on The Way Marketing site. I don’t know that the schedule will always follow along an exact order, but it’s a good place to start.)

If anyone out there happens to know when Big Money Week is without just kind of guessing like that, I’d love to hear your advice!

That’s all I’ve got when it comes to morning or afternoon tapings. But if you have anything else to add, please add it in the comments. Thanks!

(To read more about my Let’s Make a Deal experience, go here. If you want to read on Price is Right, that’s here. Thanks!)

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