Disney’s Rebel Challenge – Costumes (And My Love For My Chewbacca Dress) (January 17 & 18th, 2015)

April 2, 2015

I think I used to take half marathoning way too seriously. And I didn’t even take it all that seriously. Even still, I was too serious, I think.

When I’m super slow, “running” 3 hour and 15 minute half marathons, I should really be running in costume and playing around. I do understand the idea that everyone starts somewhere and we all can push to be better. But goodness. I used to think, “who would wear a costume to a running event?!”

And now I do it every year at Rock ‘n’ Roll LA. And I’ve finally done it at Disney as well.

I had a hard time picking my costumes. I had some money available on Amazon.com, so I went a’looking.

There were some normal costumes, and then there were some girly versions that added skirts (to things such as Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker – which are the costumes I wore).

I felt a little like a traitor getting the girl versions, ’cause I know those are so ridiculous. If I’m dressing as Luke Skywalker and he wore pants, why wouldn’t I just wear pants?!

Well, I don’t know. ‘Cause I’m kinda lame? I can’t really give you a good reason. I just wanted to wear a dress, so I wore a dress.

Speaking of dresses, I also got a Chewbacca dress in case one of those other costumes didn’t work out, and it’s quite possibly my new favorite thing. The other ones were absolute costumes. There was tutu-like material sewn in. But the Chewbacca dress looks like a normal dress (other than the fact that there’s a bullet design that runs around it, like the one he wears).

It fits well. I love the cut. (I love the cut? Who am I, semi-talking fashion?)

I wore it to the expo and got approximately a million compliments. It is a little short. And it doesn’t have sleeves (and oh how I love sleeves). So, I don’t really feel like I necessarily have the normal amount of fabric to cover me. But it still worked out pretty okay.

Even after the 10k, I switched back into the Chewbacca dress to walk around downtown Disney (since it was still Star Wars themed, but a little more understated/normal to be walking around in). Yet again, everyone loved it, and I loved it. There was love everywhere.

I thought about wearing it for the second race (especially since everyone was fighter pilot Luke in the first race – which is who I was planning to be on day 2).

Alas, ultimately, I decided not to because:
1) I don’t like to run without sleeves, and I didn’t have a great shirt to wear underneath it.
2) I also didn’t have any type of Star Wars/Chewbacca hat. I’m certainly not going out there without something covering my head during the race. But I don’t want to have something completely unrelated to my costume distracting from it. So, I went with the Luke costume that came with a hat.

But next year, Chewbacca all the way baby!

I know it’s hard to believe, but we will talk a bit more about costumes next time.

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