Disney’s Rebel Challenge – Day 2 – Half Marathon – Part 3 (Finishing Out The Race Weekend)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

So, Disney had this great rotation going. A cast member would come to you when you’re a few people back in line. She’d introduce herself and offer to take your phone camera. Then she’d go up there with you and grab a picture as the MarathonFoto person took one as well.

I really applaud Disney for this awesomeness. It’s amazing they even had cast members taking photos at all. They could’ve easily said, “Hey, you want a picture with the character? But the professional one.” But no. They helped up in getting ones on our phones.

And I’m sure tons of people still bought a whole bunch of professional photos. Also, I don’t know if Disney makes any money off of those photos, or if perhaps only MarathonFoto does…

Also, I thought it was very smart that they had rotating cast members so phones were already in people’s hands as runners stepped up. That shaved precious seconds off everyone’s photo-op time. Being that the lines were so long, those seconds counted. And I appreciate Disney for giving them to us.

After over 25 minutes of waiting in line, a very nice cast member took my photo. I liked in the photo that the storm trooper was giving me an extra mean body position (since I was dressed as Luke Skywalker).

As soon as I grabbed my phone back, I ran away so hard. I was not about to see those balloon ladies!

I think that was the first time I’ve ever done a 5k that took over an hour. It was a very odd feeling to know I’d been out there forever, but not much of the race was complete.

Once I started running while in the back of the pack, I saw all over again all the things I always say about Disney races. It’s hard to maneuver. It’s hard to run sometimes. But hey, as long as I was ahead of the balloon girls, what did it matter?

The rest of the race was somewhat uneventful. I did make up some time, which was good. I saw some awesome signs and spectators. (A few even gave out delicious snacks, which was very kind.)

We passed “A Newhope” street, which I thought was funny. (‘Cause “A New Hope”… Star Wars.)

The medals we got were modeled after the medals of bravery in Star Wars… I love Disney and the attention to detail and inspiring messages that company always gives.

After the race, sweet Jaime waited with a sign yet again. (She’s so lovely.) And we went to fantastic Denny’s yet again. (Mmmm.)

There, we met a runner with his own crazy story of having to run out of the Chewbacca line (after waiting over 30 minutes!) when the balloon girls passed. It sounded rough… There were some fake Chewbaccas out in Anaheim during the race. At least he had some low-rent options he could turn to, if he’d wanted.

After the race, Jaime and I went to Bar Method (an incredible workout place, if you don’t already know) and dinner. After she late, late Sunday night (into Monday morning), I slept the entire next day away. Mmmm, sleep.

Great race. Great friends. Great weekend. Woot!

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