Do You Think Free Museum Day Is Lucrative For The Museums?

April 11, 2015

Before I get to our day at the museum, I said in the last post that I wondered if the museums made even more money on the free day than a normal day.

Here’s why I ponder on that. I don’t know what the normal museum attendance is. But I do know that there were so many (oh so many!) people out and about at free museum day. I also know that I used to work right at Museum Row. I passed LACMA and the Page Museum often.

I worked various shifts during my time there. So, I saw those places during weekdays, weeknights, and even some weekends. And in my experience, I never saw them anywhere even mildly close to as crowded as they were on free museum day.

When you get your ticket to the museum, you’re asked if you want to give a dollar. I’d imagine lots of people did that. Or maybe some people pulled out a $5 (or more). Also, I saw a huge number of people getting snacks or meals at museum eateries.

Not to mention, anytime I passed a gift shop, people were milling about in there. I think a lot of families probably wanted something cute to remember their day together at the museum, and I’d guess people were more willing to spend money on other stuff since they were in the museum for free.

So, I’d be very interested to know the numbers on how much money is made vs normal days.

Aaaaannyway, it’s not that important, just a thing I’m curious about. But tomorrow, I’ll actually talk about free museum day, and the fun had!

1 thought on “Do You Think Free Museum Day Is Lucrative For The Museums?”

  1. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Brilliant, right?! It is why restaurants have specials on certain days and stores have one day only sales etc. to bring in people on days they are normally NOT busy. You are too smart! I love your brilliant mind!

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