My Experience At Free Museum Day (in LA)!

April 13, 2015

I’ve given the tips and asked my curious questions, but now it’s time to just talk about my experience during the day.

I can hardly believe how many times I’ve passed both LACMA and the Page Museum when I used to live in that area, but never went in. Finally, it happened! (About time, Aurora. Eeesh.)

As far as LACMA was concerned, one of the things I really love about it is how big it is. I got to do a fair amount of walking, and that was quite lovely.

I heard a tour going by and listened to to the docent describe one of the paintings. She was really interesting (and therefore good at her job). The person I was with had taken some classes in art history. So, everything he was hearing about Picasso was boring common knowledge to him. To me, I found it pretty riveting.

This is perhaps a sign I should take an art history class or go to more museums and/or museums more often (than once every two years or something)… Realistically, I don’t really think either of those things are going to happen. However, I can still enjoy the bits and pieces I pick up here and there from errant museum docents around town.

My favorite piece in the museum was a little statue of baby angels with the girl rough-housing the boy trying to take the crown for herself. Get it, girl.

After LACMA, my friend and I went to the food trucks across the street. There were so many! (I hope they all made lots of money that day – basically I hope everybody who could made money off of free museum day… I know the smart girl scout who stood out by the food trucks seemed to be doing pretty well. Great job, m’lady.)

I ate a Kale Grilled Cheese because I live in Los Angeles. And where else are people going to be eating kale grilled cheeses?

After that, we headed to the Page Museum. It wasn’t as big as LACMA, but the coolest part about that was that there’s this worker fishbowl area where you can see scientists working on projects!

Do you think they love, hate, or are indifferent to people staring at them working all day? I’m going to guess it’s not one size fits all. They probably each feel differently. I bet it’d feel cool and slightly stressful at the same time. It would possibly eventually get old… But it also might go in waves where it gets all exciting again.

Anyway, that pretty much covers free museum day. As I’ve already covered, we could’ve done it better. But not bad for a first try. Got to see some art and see some scientists. I’d call it a lovely day.

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