Hiking To The Hollywood Sign! – Part 3 (Getting To The Hollywood Sign) (February 5, 2015)

April 16, 2015

Picking up from last time –

We turned right on the road.

Side note: Later on the way back down, we kept going on the road to see what would’ve happened if we’d turned left. Not much happens. It doesn’t go that much farther. You do get a pretty nice view of the front of the sign, but it’s not all that close up.

One group of hikers we’d passed on the way there suggested going around the small gate that said no trespassing. I don’t know how far they went up. It sounded pretty fun to be bad and try that… But! I didn’t want to go to jail or get fined or whatever. So, we stopped at the gate.

Anyway, going back to when we went to the right, we came around the back of the Hollywood sign. Once we got up there, it leads you to this huge fence. There are cameras up looking at you. I’ve heard if you try to jump the fence, people come grab you practically immediately.

I don’t know how it happens, or where they come from. But I’m just gonna stay behind the fence.

I was so distracted by the awesome Hollywood sign in front of us, I didn’t even notice at first that there was another little hill behind us where we could get an even better view!

So, we climbed up the back of that one last hill. Then we started in with the picture taking. We each gave various fun poses in front of the sign. When they added the panorama camera to the iPhone, I’d always kind of wondered, “When will the panorama really come in handy for me?” Well, I finally found out! The panorama is the perfect thing for the Hollywood sign!

After we took approximately a million photos, it was time to head back down. But first I took a few seconds to just take in the beauty – not with a camera, just look at it with my actual eyes. And that was really nice.

We made our way back down the mountain. On the way down, we say people taking a sunset horse tour which seemed sort of interesting. I didn’t realize horses like to ride at the edge of the mountain. That seems a bit scary. But people were having a grand ol’ time, and no one got hurt (as far as we saw). So, do your thing, horses.

Charles and I had started the hike probably around 3pm, which seemed to be pretty perfect timing. We went up as it was cooling down outside. (It was still pretty warm, but at least we got the tail end.) And we got down to the bottom just as it was getting quite dark.

A lovely day. A lovely hike. Yet another thing in Los Angeles complete!

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