LA Adventure with Stephen! – Part 1 (My Go-To Downtown LA Walk) (February 6, 2015)

Friday, April 17th, 2015

My lovely and fabulous professor (ex-professor? old professor? How do you communicate that someone used to be your professor (but is no longer), without using those not-great sounding words?… I guess I just say my friend…)

My awesome friend Stephen came to town for Grammy weekend. (He’s been mentioned before on this blog here.)

I pretty much had the time of my life while he visited, so let’s talk about it!

As he was about to come visit, we were talking about what we should do. He said he wanted to do something active and preferably outdoors and it’d be great if we could stay downtown (since he had a million people to see all over LA and one person can only do so much driving out here).

So, I took him on the downtown walk. Anytime anyone comes to visit and wants to do something downtown, the thing to do is walk ‘em up to Disney Concert Hall, because it has the smallest park in Los Angeles on it, which is super cute. And it has great architecture. It’s close enough to my apartment to be an easy outing, and far enough to feel like you’ve gotten in a walk. So, it’s the place to go.

Before we went there, we walked one block out of the way because he also wanted to grab some quick food. When I heard quick food, I immediately thought of the food court on Figueroa, ‘cause it’s fast and there’s tons of options. So, I knew he must like at least one. (Look at me knowing where to take people in my neighborhood!… After only 3 1/2 years…)

So we got some yummy food, did the fun walk, talked, joked, laughed, and had a grand ol’ time.

I liked seeing downtown LA through someone else’s eyes. I realized I think I kind of zone out the things I’ve seen before (or that I think I’ve seen before).

But Stephen pointed out that with the way the sun was shining (not too bright, but a gentle yellow-y glow), things were looking pretty beautiful from our point of view. And they were. Here I was on a rooftop of a super cool building in a tiny park, and yet someone had to point out the beauty to me. Weird. I gotta open my eyes, huh?

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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