LA Adventure with Stephen! – Part 2 (Exploring a Place I’ve Passed 1,000 Times)

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

On the walk back from the Disney Concert Hall, Stephen looked up in the sky and saw this crazy vertical line separating a dark area from a light are in the sky. A random vertical(!) skyline. I don’t understand why it existed. I’m sure there’s some kind of interesting science reason. I just took a picture in disbelief and moved on.

He also saw this cool colorful triangle thing to be on top of the public library downtown. So, we took a couple pictures of that. Then we went ahead and walked through the library, ‘cause why not?

When we first walked in, he thought aloud, “isn’t there usually some kind of big beautiful foyer in   these places?” We figured maybe we needed to go up to find it. We we went up a level on the escalators, we still didn’t see it. As we were about to give up and go back down (since we didn’t have forever to explore, being that he had dinner plans), I noticed a foyer in the distance. (Woot!)

We went over and saw a silly looking teen space (that looked like it was decorated by the set designer of Saved By The Bell. (I’m not hating on the library or anything. It just looked hilarious to me, and I kind of loved it in its own special way.)

The part that was really funny though was that in that same area, there was a spot for children’s literature, which looked pretty beautiful and classy.

(So the children get a nice, classy area. But once they’re teens, they go to Bayside… By the way, the only reason I’m so familiar with Saved By The Bell and why it’s on my mind is because of this funny Jimmy Fallon video. You all saw that right?)

We took some pictures of this super cool globe chandelier thing (which unbeknownst to me at the time happens to be in my book of 1,001 things to do in Los Angeles). (I haven’t talked about that book here yet, but I totally do want to soon enough.)

Not only did we take some photos, Stephen broke out this app, 360. I hadn’t heard of it, but you can basically recreate an entire room in a photo. It’s pretty dope.

We then took off back to my apartment, where I jumped in his car because I was invited to super cool grown-up’s dinner! Fun, huh?

And this is where I’ll pick up next time.

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