LA Adventure with Stephen! – Part 4 (Denise)

April 21, 2015

Picking up from last time –

After dinner and a little fun studio time, we went down to Venice Beach to see Stephen’s super cool friend Denise. She was in one of the first female rock bands back in the day.

Now, even in her 60s, she’s a yoga instructor the stars, surfer, and so much more.

We started our time at her house playing didgeridoos. (Didgeridoos!) Who is cool enough to have didgeridoos hanging out in her house? She was.

I didn’t get a great sound out of mine. Didgeridoo playing is a little harder than I’d expected… though I hadn’t given it much thought, really, until one was in my hand.

Of course the two of them were rocking out like professional Australian musicians. I can only hope to be that cool someday.

We looked at a bunch of photos around her house, and old posters from her rock shows. She also took us on a little walk to Cafe Gratitude! I’d heard so much about Cafe Gratitude, but never been there. So, I was extra excited to go.

Cafe Gratitude is one of those sort of hippy-dippy places that you’re most likely either going to make fun or, or just totally embrace. I feel like I do have both those sides of me within my personality. However, sometimes it’s easier to just love and embrace stuff than it is to make fun of it.

All of the food options have names such as “kind” and “adoring.” (Those were actually the names of the two desserts we got.)

At the top of the menu, it says, “I Am…”

You’re supposed to start your order with “I am” and then say the name of the thing you want, so that when you’re ordering food it’s like a little affirmation. Of course that place is vegan. (Would you expect anything less from such an establishment?)

It feels totally silly saying an affirmation to order, but the people who work at Cafe Gratitude are so nice and into it that it’s easy to let go of this whole, “what am I doing right now” weirdness a new person might feel in there.

We walked back to Denise’s apartment and say on the floor at this tiny little table. (Well, it was actually a pretty big table surface-area wise. But the legs were tiny so we could sit on the floor.)

I’d never even seen a table like that, and it made me so happy! Often times I plop down on the floor. (I don’t always love sitting in furniture for some reason.) So, this table was sweet business.

After Denise’s, we talked and laughed even more of the late night away.

I didn’t go to bed until who knows when really? I slept for just a couple of hours before my Mensa board meeting and I spent the majority of Saturday afternoon, as soon as I got home, soundly sleeping. Those are the nights I love – the ones where you’re really with people, people you care about, and the night just gets away from you.

Plus, I love meeting new people. So, I’d say the whole day was pretty wondrous.

It was especially nice as I’d been feeling a little in a slump around that time. (Will I ever work again? What am I doing with my life? You know, the normal stuff.)

But being with someone who’s known me forever, and I’m pretty sure (I hope) believes in me… someone who reminds me of the old fiery me from school (and who’s pretty fiery, lively, fun, and intriguing himself), it made me feel a bit rejuvenated. And I appreciated that greatly.

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