…But A Hilarious Improv Show To Save The Weekend!

Monday, May 11th, 2015

I mentioned on this very blog about two years ago that if you’re not following comedian Richie Moriarty, you’re missing out!

And I still feel that way. And he did his first improv show in Los Angeles on February 28th. Obviously I had to go. Let’s get real. This is @richietown here!

I tweet with him every once in a while. (I know, #SoFamous ;)) And when I was talking about how much I wanted a show in Los Angeles, he told me there was one!

When I arrived at IO West, from the other side of the street, I saw him walking with his whole crew of guys. What? Richie Moriarty as I live and breathe?!

We met at the door and I practically screamed out, “Oh my god. You’re my Justin Bieber!” He laughed, said he was happy I came out (who, me?), and said to say hi after (who, me?!).

At the end of the show they announced onstage that they’d all be going to Outpost, this close-by bar. So, I thought, “hmmm, basically this whole audience has been invited to the after-party. And I’m part of the audience… So, uh, I’m invited, right?”

Well, I went and hung out in the bar/lobby area (where everybody hangs before/after shows). I saw Richie. We talked a bit. He was in high demand. After a clutch conversation (I never say say clutch, but I like it here for some reason) – he had to keep working the room.

But he was a total sweetheart taking an interest in this stranger’s (my) life. After we were done talking, I made my way around talking to other people. Everybody seemed pretty nice and cool and fun. So why not stick around to meet some strangers?

As the guys had said it would, eventually the party moved to Outpost. One of the guys in the cast asked me if I wanted to come along. Wait. I’m invited? Heck yeah, I’ll come along!

I said my one dream of the night was to get a picture with Richie. This other cast member, Brian (the one who invited me to Outpost), thought that was hilarious – but he came through for me! He was all, “Oh yeah, we can make this happen.”

At Outpost, I got my picture. We all talked and danced the night away. It was brilliant.

Once the bar closed, Brian asked if I wanted to come to the after party! Me, still? Heck yeah, I want to go!

People piled into Ubers and we all went to another cast member’s apartment where we talked and danced until after 6 in the morning. (What?!)

It was so fun! It made me feel like I was in high school all over again – when you’re just staying up late, not worrying about responsibilities, being silly with other people. I loved it!

Oh, what a night!

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