Woefully Under-Prepared To Try To Be An Actress Again – Part 1 (Headshots & Music)

Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

I was about to tell you how woefully under-prepared I am.

First off, obviously I don’t have headshots that look anything like me anymore. I’ve aged some years. I’ve lost a bunch of weight. It was gonna be necessary to have some kind of picture.

I didn’t have a bunch of money to jump full steam into this acting thing quite yet. (And let’s get real. Yes, time is of the essence. Yes, it’s time to live, and time to dream. However, I’m probably not going to from someone who hasn’t acted in anything in a while to someone who acts for a living super quickly (especially not as a size 8 woman in America! (Oof, I feel bad I’m not a 4 or 2 yet.)). Anyway, I don’t know that it’s lucrative (or really even possible for me at the moment) to pour money into stuff yet.) Basically, I wanted to use the resources I had without going totally nuts.

For my headshot, I used a photo someone took with an iPhone 6(!) in front of a colorful wall. I don’t look super great. It’s also not tight in enough to be a headshot, really. (But I was posing all weird with my arms. So it looks weird to crop it closer. (Not to mention, it’s the resolution a phone gives printed on an 8×10. How much could I really crop it?)

Another problem with my headshot is that I asked someone I know to change out my shirt color in photoshop (to make it pop more), but the old green color is still around my hair, making my hair look weird and green-ish. (Didn’t notice that until I got the physical prints. Aye, aye, aye.)

So, my headshots are pretty much amateur hour. Which kinda sucks. But I again, I just wanted to see what happened as I went to an audition or two, not drop multiple hundred of dollars (especially when we think about how much I need a haircut and jazz) – quite yet.

Also, I needed audition material! I used to have a whole binder of sheet music, so I’d be ready for different genres, different ranges, different characters – whatever a casting director asked for, I wanted to be able to give it to her.

What did I even do with that binder? I know I got my life down to two suitcases when I was doing all my moving. But I don’t even remember dramatically saying goodbye to my stuff. Oh well. So be it.

I have a couple of go-to songs, so I bought those. But I really need to beef the repertoire back up.

I also need to change up some of my songs. But I’ll get to that next time.

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