My First Audition In Yeeears (Too Many Years) – Part 3 (The Rest Of The Audition)

May 20, 2015

Picking up from last time –

Unfortunately, my voice cracked out of nervousness just a tad on the word right before the belt, but let’s try to forget that (as hopefully they did too), since I strongly hit the belt-y part (on “belting as high as they can,” in case you’re wondering) and held that baby out full force.

Also, when I sing it, I belt a C instead of an A (‘cause I like it better), and then do one of those little pop music falls (appropriate, I think, for Jason Robert Brown) down to the A at the end of the note.

I did the next part a little more talk-sing-y than I’d planned. I dunno why. It just kind of happened. But then I ended pretty strong. So, technically I hit the important parts (though I do completely realize they’re all important).

(Oh my goodness was that ridiculously over-detailed for everybody who’s not me, or what? A million kisses to you all!)

Obviously, I‘d love to be a very consistent performer hitting every part perfectly. And I do have a goal to become more consistent. Still, for the first time back out in years, I thought this went pretty well. …Even though, I could totally feel my hands shaking during the final note, which is crazy!

Sure, I’d been nervous before – I guess especially at auditions – but, not to the point of shaking (that I can remember)… Though maybe I was, and I’ve just blocked that out!

Also, I know an audition space isn’t the same as being in a show. So, I’ll find my comfort level, I think.

Hopefully I’ll find a higher comfort level during auditions too. For instance, during my song, when I’m talking about the people behind the table, there’s a line where Cathy sings, “usually gay.” When I sang that, this really adorable flamboyant guy did a big gesture of putting his arm in the air as if to say, “Yep, including this one right here!”

I saw that out of the corner of my eye, and I kind of wanted to look at him and give him a little wink/smile/nod/fun body gesture, but I didn’t. If it had been a concert, I would have. But even in this audition, I probably should have! It was a fun environment. So why not? I was just a little distracted with the whole, “Don’t break character in song” thing. So, I dunno.

And this is where I’ll finish up next time.

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