My First Audition In Yeeears (Too Many Years) – Part 4 (That’s Done – And Then My Second One)

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Picking up from last time –

It’s so easy to go over every second and think about what you should do! But one of the hard parts is – I think in many cases – there isn’t necessarily one correct answer. People are different. Situations are different. I think you kind of have to feel things out, and that can be tough (especially when you’re out of practice of reading these situations)…

After I was done singing, they looked at my tiny little resume. Thank heavens I actually have one Off-Broadway show on there! At least that makes me look a tad legit.

They then asked me about that show. I told them I played a dancing mascot in an interactive play, and got groped on Saturdays. That made them laugh. They even repeated the line “groped on Saturdays” as people do when their laughter kind of dies down, but then they ramp it back up slightly at the end.

That made me feel good. I don’t know if they saw any potential in me at all, but we laughed and they were so nice. I walked out feeling good…

I didn’t walk out feeling like it was the best audition I ever gave in my life. But I didn’t feeling angry or down on myself. I just felt like, “Okay, check that one off. It’s done.”

At least I did it. Yay! One down. Only probably a million more to go in this lifetime. Let’s do it!

Post-script: Needless to say, I didn’t get the part.

Also, I don’t want to do a million posts on auditions. So, let me sneak my 2nd one in here too because it was so different! For one thing, there were a million people there. (That may be some slight hyperbole, but there was lots of people!)

Apparently from the very start of the day to the end they were seeing people.

Also, when I walked in, behind the table was a guy I knew from this program in New York for future producers. It was a pretty sweet program. (You had to get a recommendation. It was a whole thing. And then once we were in, we had different Broadway professionals talk to us each week. As per usual, when it came to things from that time in my life, I was the youngest person in the class.

So, someone knew me from my old semi-impressive life, and then he saw me on the other side of the table (at only my second time back in years!).

I got way too nervous. My voice shook. I did not sound good. In fact, the audition was sort of a train wreck. (Oof.)

Needless to say, I didn’t get that either.

However, very soon after, I did book one small thing. And about 5 weeks after that first audition, I performed in my first paid acting gig in Los Angeles – which we’ll talk about next time!

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