52 Performances In 52 Weeks!

May 23, 2015

Busting out another project!

I want to actively be more creative. I always talk about how in high school I performed all the time. Well, high school’s over. And I live in Los Angeles, California! (Where you could probably perform everyday if you wanted.)

I’m tired of saying things if they don’t mean anything/if I don’t do anything about them. So I say I want to be more creative? Well, let’s do a project about it then!

When I wanted to be more fit/athletic, I finished the 52 half marathons. When I wanted to be more involved in the community, I did the 52 volunteer activities.

Both of those did what they were supposed to do. I don’t volunteer as much now, but I still do. It seems easier to say yes after doing 52 events in 52 weeks. I still run races too, with one coming up in July.

I thought this new project would fit well with being more creative. And I’m hoping it pays off the same way. I guess we’ll see in a year!

I’ve been playing with the idea of doing this for too many weeks – maybe even a couple of months. I asked myself the same questions that always come up with these projects. “Is it going to be worthwhile?” “Am I going to have enough time?” Blah blah blah.

Of course it’s gonna be worthwhile. Not every performance will be life-altering or spectacular, but just getting up in front of people – forcing myself to act in something or write something or just do something… it’s gonna be good.

As far as time, you make the time for things that are important. What in my life could be much more important than writing/performing? I want this to be my whole life! So if I can’t make time for it once a week, well, I’m doing something wrong.

I’ve done a couple of things here and there – did an improvised monologue at a friend’s improv show (as part of the form they were doing). Then, karaoke broke out at this bar where a Hollywood assistants mixer was happening and I performed at that.

I did a friend’s sketch show last Saturday. Then I happened to get Wednesday night off work. And I already knew where karaoke was (because Wednesday had also been the night of the mixer). So, forget it. Forget trying to wait. Let’s do this!

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