My First 50-Mile Race! – Part 7 (Post-Race)

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Picking up from last time –

One of my helpful bunkmates suggested I go to the handicapped accessible shower because it had something you could sit on!

(Don’t worry. In the middle of the night, I wasn’t in the way of any people in need of that particular shower.) Thank goodness for the seasoned veterans who have little helpful tidbits like that.

So, that was lovely. After I showered, got dressed, and came back to the room, my bunkmates laughed at me a little for having picked a top bunk, and now needing to get in as I was waddling around with all my blisters. But alas, I successfully climbed up there.

Thankfully, the nightstand was high up by the top bunk. So I could still reach all my stuff. I had a bunch of bandaids. After my shower, it was much easier to see blister damage and bandage up a few more things.

I also ate in the middle of the night (since it seemed like I almost could not get enough food).

In the morning, I headed back out to the finish to see how things were going. (And they were continuing to be very generous with food since they were going to have a lot left over). So, I ate some more. (It’s crazy to me that I ate and ate and ate and ate, and yet when I weighed myself a few days after getting home, I’d lost weight. Bodies, huh?)

I didn’t really want the weekend to end. But everything’s gotta end sometime, huh? So, eventually I sauntered out. I had the car until Monday morning. So I took my sweet time going home. I found a discounted movie theater. So I watched Big Hero 6, ’cause why not? (It was touching, I thought.)

Then I walked around that mall for a while, making sure to use my legs a little. Then I popped on some Sam Smith (that I bought after hearing him a ton on the radio in the car), and walked around the nice neighborhood/smaller strip-mall-type area across from the mall.

I finally got back in the car, but heading home still seemed kinda lame. So I took a detour through downtown Disney (’cause why not stop by The Happiest Place on Earth?) I grabbed one of those big special Disney caramel apples. (Yet more food?!) (I only could handle eating half of it, but that half was quite delicious!)

Finally, I returned the car. I cleared out all my bags and rode the rental shuttle back to LAX (and got the shuttle home from there). The rental car shuttle driver said the thing that impressed her most wasn’t the 50 miles – it was that I was carrying all my bags after the 50 miles! I thought that was funny. Getting home was the part I was most worried about – being super tired or fatigued, having a tough time making the trip.

But I indeed got home safely (and randomly passed a John Stamos project filming a block away from me super late at night on the way home).

First 50-miler in the books. I’m already ready to try it again (or 100!).

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