(#1) Sketch In “Hate Mail” Variety Show at The Clubhouse (Downstairs Theater) (May 16, 2015)

June 6, 2015

Aurora De Lucia and Cozi Orlean hugging in a sketchMy friend Cozi is a really awesome dude – always positive (even through times of the worst luck!), always looking for more ways to perform… basically just always being awesome.

So, when he asked if I’d be in a sketch for him, I was all about it.

We performed in a theater I didn’t even know existed. It was hidden in a little strip mall (and was very close to the Metro stop)!

The sketch was called “Chubby Bunny,” and was about these guys playing this game where you stuff marshmallows into your mouth… But right after one of them gets a whole bunch of marshmallows in his mouth, he gets a bunch of wonderful and terrible news and has to react while all marhmallow-ed out.

Aurora looking away onstage in a sketchI played the wife who just found out she’s pregnant (after a long road with fertility treatments)… but the maybe might be his friends! [*Dum, dum duuuum (scary chords)*]

We put the sketch together about an hour before the show.

My favorite little moment of this was that right after I said, “You have to know… there’s a chance the baby might be his” – whatever was happening in the other theater got a huge audience reaction and they said, “ooooh!” as though they just heard something scandalous. And because the timing was perfect, we got a humongous laugh from our audience.

Ah, the joys of precious, lovely live theater!

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